Volvo V60

Welcome to a new generation of estate car.

Designed for life. Elegant, sporty, versatile: created to make every moment count. Ready with your next adventure in mind.

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Our mild hybrids recover energy produced when braking and store it in a 48V battery. When this energy is used, fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions are both reduced.


The V60 mild hybrid has been engineered to deliver smooth take-offs and refined acceleration, making both city and highway journeys more refined.


Every drop of fuel saved helps – and in our mild hybrids, you enjoy lower fuel consumption without experiencing performance compromises.


V60 Recharge Plus

Plug-in Hybrid

From £50,080

V60 Recharge Ultimate

Plug-in Hybrid

From £56,780


Finely crafted exterior details let you know that the new Volvo V60 is one of the new generation of Volvo cars. A proud front grille sets the tone, while sculptured sides emphasise the car’s athletic character. Strongly defined rear shoulders express the car’s dynamic abilities, while deep and long side windows communicate the practicality lest a lot of light into its cabin.

Inside the V60, you're in a place where Scandinavian design and Swedish craftsmanship meet. A place where all the occupants travel in comfort, thanks to superb seats and individually adjustable climate control. Clean, uncluttered design combines form and function.Whilst authentic materials and refined details, such as the diamond pattern on the control knobs create a sense of contemporary luxury.


The new Volvo V60 has a dynamic driving character, with a chassis that provides exceptional control. The front suspension is a double wishbone layout, while the rear features Volvo Cars’ innovative ‘integral link’ set-up. Advanced, lightweight materials are used throughout, to reduce overall weight and ensure sharp responses. As well as providing a sporty feel, it delivers the breadth of ability that you expect of a Volvo car, with a ride that provides excellent comfort over any road.

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The drive you desire! The new V60 offers a choice of drive modes, for a driving experience tailored to you. Using the roller control, you can switch easily between three default settings for the engine, automatic gearbox, steering, brakes, and stability control system. You can even create your own combination with Individual mode to tailor your driving experience to you and your surroundings.

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V60 Recharge

The electric era is here. The new Volvo V60 uses an electric motor and petrol engine hybrid system to give you the perfect balance of economy and performance all while producing less tailpipe emissions. With the option of three trim levels, there is a new Volvo V60 Recharge to suit every driver too. Redefine luxury and comfort can be found with the Inscription.

Fancy something more Sporty and dynamic, then side with the R-Design. And if you want something that will get heads turning, the Polestar Engineered with its unique 19″ 5-Y Spoke Black Polished Forged Alloy Wheel is the one to choose. All have the ability to drive up to 36 miles in Pure electric mode where you’ll be producing zero tailpipe emissions. With a fully charged battery, this can allow daily commuting purely using the electric motor.

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