Polestar Engineered Optimisation

Energetic. Dynamic. Invigorating.

Your Volvo was created to make you feel connected, secure and comfortable. And now you can experience the excitement of enhanced performance. Our Polestar Optimisation software upgrade will bring heightened engine power, faster, more precise gear capability and fine-tuned throttle response

What if...

What if you could get your Volvo car filled with extended driving experience?

Providing you with enhanced responses, with more precise, sharper and intense reactions from the car?

Well, you can.

polestar engineered
What is Polestar?

With Polestar Engineered optimisation you will get more out of your Volvo car. A more personal car that suits you and your way of driving. An improved experience, developed by Polestar together with Volvo Cars - and installed by Volvo Cars.

That means your warranty and service intervals are unaffected, as are fuel consumption and emission levels.

Give your Volvo car a Polestar treat and enjoy a more personalised drive.

polestar engineered
Polestar Features

- Faster throttle response, offering higher precision and a better feel.

- Increased engine performance; perfect when on a busy motorway.

- Faster gear changes, responding better to driver commands.

- Polestar AWD feature can be added to vehicles which currently have the optimisation via the Service Promise, Total Upgrade or Volvo Selekt Software.

- D5 Over Boost, providing additional +20nm Torque and +15hp power for up to 20 seconds once the peak power of the engine has been reached.

- Faster gear and engine response, providing you with a calibrated gearbox which responds quickly when the driver releases the accelerator.