Liquid Protect

The future of customisable paint protection is liquid.​

Self-healing protection, customisable application, seamlessly finished shield.​​


Liquid Protect is an innovative and durable shield system like no other designed to guard your car from scratches, chips and light malicious damage. Liquid Protect is the only customisable spray-on paint system of its kind that guarantees to shield every nook of your vehicle against the everyday rigours of the road.


Not only does Liquid Protect offer crystal clear protection, you can also choose any colour, customise the colour on the whole or just part of your vehicle. You can even select your finish as Liquid Protect in high gloss, matte or original factory finish.

Potential changes:

  • Colour

  • Part or all of the chosen vehicle colour change

  • Invisible finish

  • Finish

  • Original factory finish

  • High gloss

  • Matte


Liquid Protect guarantees to provide the ultimate defence for your car. Expertly applied, it prevents any lasting damage to the original paintwork helping the car to keep its resale value. This spray-on system also eliminates peeling, yellowing and residue; something you may find with adhesive film-based solutions. The system will give you peace of mind offering a five year warranty against light malicious damage, chips and bird lime. The premium shield provides you with a fuel and scratch resistant, super-strong, self-healing, protective layering system.


The most advanced way to protect and customise your investment.

Because this spray-on shield system has been designed for you to enjoy your vehicle fully on any terrain, it has to be applied by experts to stack up against the elements. The durable, unique protection is comprised of a series of expertly applied layers to create the perfect barrier for your car. The ultra-durable protection guards the vehicle against light scratches bird lime, UV rays, everyday debris and much more.

Blending technology and expertise, Liquid Protect is easy on the eye and even easier to remove leaving the vehicle looking exactly like the day it was purchased. The process ensures that each panel gets individual care and there are no peeling edges in time from the protection. Furthermore, because the preparation involves a unique non-abrasive process the integrity of your original paintwork remains intact.

When professionally applied, Liquid Protect acts as a customisable shield for your vehicle, where debris literally bounces off the surface. Even the high impact small stone chips won’t leave any lasting marks on your paintwork, and Liquid Protect’s self-healing qualities mean any temporary marks will soon disappear. Removing Liquid Protect is every bit as easy as application. It can simply be peeled off leaving no marks or residue – just the original good-as-new paintwork. 

Liquid Protect FAQs

Simply continue to follow your manufacturer’s recommended cleaning processes. The only caveat is that you do not use pressure washing equipment.

As with all professional products, this must be carried out by a trained expert at your supplying retailer.

Due to the process of application, Liquid Protect offers enhanced protection when it comes to ceramic coatings, and of course complete colour changes are possible with Liquid Protect.

This product can only be purchased and applied through authorised retailers due to the specialist application process.

Sytner Liquid Protect is applied through a unique spaying process, whereas PPF (paint protection film) is stuck to your original paintwork then cut into shape using razors. Sometimes damage to the paintwork can be apparent when using PPF.

Quotations will be given depending on specific requirements.

It’s completely invisible, therefore the appearance of your vehicle remains as it was when new. Because it is applied through spray application, it does not damage any of the underlying paintwork through knife cuts, or leave glue residue upon removal. Difficult areas such as compound curves, large panel areas and edges of panels are completely protected and seamless, unlike PPF applications.

For most areas of the vehicle the protection is the same, however with Liquid Protect we can apply additional thickness by building the layers of spray application in order to protect especially vulnerable areas such as front bumpers, side skirts, or for cars that participate in track day activities. Liquid Protect covers with a minimum of 200µ (microns), whereas most PPF films are around 160µ.

Yes, this is a real advantage of Liquid Protect – we can embed normal waterborne automotive paint within the skin of the Liquid Protect application to change your vehicle’s colour to almost anything you can imagine. We can even go further an embed graphics and temporary logos into the product and have a finish that is equal if not better than the original paintwork.

Yes, like PPF, Liquid Protect will self-heal to a point and has self-healing properties. We have a video showing a wire brush being used on the Liquid Protect surface. Heat is applied and the scratches melt away. One other advantage over PPF is that Liquid Protect can be polished back to its original gloss finish. PPF over time degrades, and there is nothing that can really be done to bring it back to life. Liquid Protect on the other hand can always be bought back to life and even repaired in certain circumstances should you be hit by a particularly large rock.

Liquid Protect is warranted for five year and, unless excessively damaged by heavy road debris, should not have to be replaced. Should you need to replace it, or if you’ve had a colour change and wish to return your vehicle back to its original colour, the product can be professionally removed. Because it holds on to the vehicle by surface tension, it leaves no glue residue or pulls of paintwork during the peeling process, leaving your underlying paintwork in exactly the same condition as it started life.

Yes, we can apply Liquid Protect as a matte finish, to match your existing matte paint (where only a front end is protected), or we can convert an existing gloss vehicle into a matte one, in either the same colour, or a different one.

You can use Liquid Protect for several additional benefits – to de-chrome a vehicle, which can be done without damaging the original chrome. You can protect and even tint headlamps. It can be applied to wheels and brake callipers for added protection. It is even used on superyachts for upper deck fittings, as well as motorcycles and bicycles.

Liquid Protect is priced similar to a typical PPF application. Therefore the added benefits of Liquid Protect, over PPF makes this very viable and futureproof solution for paint protection

Please contact your local dealership for more information and to locate your nearest Sytner Group installers. Liquid Protect is not a DIY product, and only certified, trained installers can install this product.

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