Get the most out of your BMW.

Make sure your BMW is Winter ready with Sytner BMW.

During the colder winter months, proper maintenance and care is essential to ensure you keep getting the most from your BMW. Taking trips in wet or snowy weather conditions requires greater caution and attention while driving, and maybe even a little extra comfort too. To ensure that you have everything you need, we've compiled a list of relevant Genuine BMW Accessories and services.

BMW Winter Health Check

As the weather begins to change and we head towards winter, make sure your BMW is ready for everything the colder months have in store.

Our trained technicians only use Genuine BMW Parts so your car is always working at its best. Our BMW Winter Health Check is just £39.99** and our experts will ensure your car's important components are in good working order. They'll also top up key fluids, including screen wash, engine oil, AdBlue^ and antifreeze.


Perfect Winter Accessories

With winter comes challenging weather conditions, such as rain, sleet and even snow. Be ready for the uncertain conditions with the help of BMW’s range of winter accessories. From protecting your BMW’s interiors with all weather floor mats to cold morning essentials such as ice-scrapers, there are plenty of ways to make the cold weather more enjoyable. 

BMW Mat Pack - Q4

The New BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0.

The BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 consists of a high-quality QHD and full HD camera that monitors what is happening in front of and behind the vehicle, even when it is parked. By means of intelligent radar and sensor technology, the system detects vibrations and unusual movement outside the vehicle and can differentiate between these movements. The system automatically stores the event to document possible accidents or attempted break-ins.


Winter Driving with Sytner BMW

Winter in the UK is a tricky thing, as you are never sure if it’s going to snow or, when it does come, how long it’s going to hang around. At Sytner BMW, we have put together a Winter Driving Guide full of facts and our essential winter checklist for every vehicle. 


BMW Approved Bodyshops

It is the details that determine the big picture. This is why our BMW Approved Bodyshops ensure that even the smallest of flaws are rendered invisible again and your BMW continues to gleam as it did on the very first day. Whether you have a dent, a scratch, or kerb damage to you alloy – our BMW Approved Bodyshops can quickly and precisely restore your vehicle back to its original condition.

hitchin bodyshop

BMW Service Inclusive

With BMW Service Inclusive, your servicing is covered for at least the first four years after your vehicle's first registration date*. The one upfront payment is tailored specifically for your new BMW through personalised pricing for each model. Peace of mind is everything and you can relax in the knowledge that all work will be undertaken by trained BMW Technicians, using only Genuine BMW Parts - most of which come with a two-year warranty.