NEW Discovery Sport

Designed for the Family

Whether in the urban jungle or driving through the valley, Discovery Sport will have you approaching your next adventure in style.

Discovery Sport’s refreshed exterior maintains the iconic, award-winning design and facilitates the addition of new technologies.

The digital instrument panel presents driving information, entertainment and active safety data – including navigation, phone and media – clearly and without distraction.

Discovery Sport opens up the joy and freedom that comes with off‑road driving.

Terrain Response® adapts the responses of the vehicle's engine and gearbox to optimise your drive and comfort. The vehicle feels sure-footed no matter what the terrain or the weather.


Precise dynamics and a supple ride are delivered through Adaptive Dynamics by monitoring wheel position and body movements. The electronically controlled dampers optimise the suspension settings and provide the perfect balance of comfort, refinement and agility at all times.

Delivering controlled, responsive cornering, Torque Vectoring by Braking reduces near-limit understeer through controlled braking of the inside wheels.​ Finding those out-of-the-way spots that have retained their natural charm is fun, but it can be frustrating when you need to refuel several times on the way. Go further and explore more with Discovery Sport’s increased 65 litre fuel tank capacity.


Using a combination of your key fob and smartphone, Discovery Sport recognises you and your preferences. With the learning function activated, the vehicle further attunes to your needs – automatically, for example, setting the navigation to your favourite route home.

Discovery Sport features two USB ports and a 12V power socket inside the cubby box. Rear passengers can access a 12V power socket and two optional USB charging points to top up their device’s battery life, with two additional USB charging points integrated into the rear of row one seats when Click and Go is specified.

MeridianTM Audio’s sound systems and advanced digital signal processing algorithms ensure that the rhythm, punch and timing of any piece of music are heard precisely how the artist intended. Choose from Meridian Sound or, for a truly immersive experience, the Meridian Surround Sound System.


If someone breaks into your vehicle or tries to move it illegally, Secure Tracker is triggered and activates. You are alerted and the vehicle is tracked until its location is pinpointed for recovery by the relevant authorities. Even if it is stolen with your keys, you can notify the tracking call centre using the Remote App.

Emergency Brake Assist understands when the brakes are applied quickly but without the necessary force to maximise stopping performance. It boosts brake pressure to ensure you stop in time. Hazard warning lights activate automatically during emergency braking.

Dynamic Stability Control reduces engine torque and applies braking to the appropriate wheels, correcting the direction of travel by counteracting understeer or oversteer.['jquery'], function ($) { var jQuery = $; });