Our Specialist SVO Centre

With a specialist SV centre, Guy Salmon Land Rover South West London is the destination for anyone looking to experience extreme luxury performance and capability on a new level.


Want to test drive a Land Rover SV vehicle? Our SV Specialist Centre offer access to Land Rover SV masterpieces with vehicles onsite.


Thanks to their peerless product knowledge, our team of SV Sales Specialists are the perfect partners to help you craft your ultimate Jaguar vehicle.


SV vehicles are extra special, and therefore require specialist attention to match. That’s why our SV Specialist Centres employ the highest qualified Land Rover technicians only. Technicians at SV Specialist Centre receive enhanced training to ensure your vehicle receives the best possible care.

SV and SVR Vehicles

SVAutobiography’s luxurious design, premium finishers and unrivalled comfort creates an unparalleled driving experience. SVR represents the pinnacle of performance, taking our vehicles to new levels of power, handling and speed.

RANGE ROVER SVAutobiography and RANGE ROVER SVAutobiography DYNAMIC

Our most luxurious, powerful and sophisticated Range Rover ever. Designed for luxury performance.


The fastest Land Rover ever.


Exceptional performance. Peerless refinement. Reductive design.

Range Rover Sentinel


Range Rover Sentinel has all the style, refinement and off-road capability you would expect from a Range Rover. Beneath the surface, there is another side to the story.

This is a Range Rover comfortable with the extreme. It's an armoured vehicle expertly engineered by our Special Vehicle Operations team to provide safety and security against attacks.

Despite the levels of security offered by the vehicle's armour and occupant protection systems, Range Rover Sentinel maintains the luxury and assured on and off-road performance expected of a Range Rover.

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SV Premium Pallette

Enhance the individuality and appearance of your Land Rover.

The latest paint technologies, premium finishes and finest craftsmanship combine to produce the most distinctive vehicles.

The SV Premium Palette utilises the most advanced and innovative paint technologies available. Tri‑coat and quad-coat Ultra metallics are joined by stunning pearlescent paints which feature an additional layer of pigments to achieve dramatic depth of colour and iridescence, as well as durability.

Whether your taste is more in tune with vibrant Madagascar Orange or performance-inspired Spectral Racing Red, every colour from the SV Premium Palette promises to add an exciting new chapter to the story of your dream vehicle.

Many paints within the SV Premium Palette feature ChromaFlairTM. Multi-layer metal oxide pigment flakes give the vibrant colours a subtle shift when viewed at different angles and in different intensities of light. Spectral paints from our Special Effect range contain the highest levels of ChromaFlairTM for the most dramatic appearance.

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