The Seven Best Features on the New Land Rover Defender

Last year, Land Rover released the much anticipated and entirely new Land Rover Defender. Revealed three years after the Defender name was retired, the latest version of this iconic 4x4 manages to combine everything we loved about the original Defender with all of Land Rover’s latest technology. But what exactly has changed? Let’s take a look, shall we.

1). It was rigorously tested in a development programme that covered 1.2million kilometres.

In a project that sent them to almost everywhere on the globe, Land Rover put the Defender through over 62,000 tests on every terrain you can imagine.

In the process, Land Rover Defender prototypes covered a staggering 1.2million kilometres … that’s how serious Land Rover are when it comes to the Defender name.

Land Rover Defender Features

2). It’s built upon Land Rover’s all-new D7x platform.

What does that actually mean? Well, the new all-aluminium D7x architecture was designed to pass the Extreme Event Test procedure, a test that goes above and beyond any other SUV testing standard.

The result is a Land Rover Defender that boasts the stiffest and most durable body structure Land Rover have ever made, whilst still retaining the flexibility, practicality and, subsequently, capabilities that you’d expect from a car wearing the Defender name.

Land Rover Defender Features

3). The geometry was designed so that new Defender can go anywhere.

Thanks to the aforementioned D7x platform, Land Rover have been able to maintain the same silhouette as previous Defenders – this is important because it allows for short overhangs and maximum offroad performance.

New Defender also boasts ground clearance of 11.5-in (291mm) and breakover & departure angles of 38, 28 and 40 degrees respectively.

Land Rover Defender Features

4). It offers incredible wading, towing and carrying capability.

Taking advantage of both great design and Land Rover’s Terrain Response 2 software (more on that later), the new Land Rover Defender is capable of wading in water up to a depth of 35.4-in (900mm).

With the ability to tow up to 3,500kg and technology such as Advanced Tow Assist, the Defender aims to make it easier for customers to take larger loads anywhere.

Outside of towing, the new Defender will also happily carry no end of luggage inside the cabin and up to 300kg on its roof.

Land Rover Defender Features

5). It can make its bonnet go ‘invisible’ with ‘ClearSight Ground View’ technology.

Using the very latest in offroad technology, Land Rover have managed to equip the Defender with all sorts of amazing tricks. 

One of our favourites is almost certainly ClearSight Ground View, a system that uses various cameras and the large interior screen to show you exactly where your front wheels are … effectively turning the bonnet invisible. Impressive, no?

Land Rover Defender Features

6). You can design the new Defender to go just about anywhere.

That’s because the new Defender range consists of six base models – Defender, S, SE, HSE, First Edition and XL – and four supplementary accessory packs – Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban.

Combining these however you see fit, you can easily create anything from a short wheelbase Defender for light farm work to a long wheelbase Defender for deep arctic exploration.

Land Rover Defender Features

7). Land Rover’s ‘Activity Key’ means that you never lose your keys when exploring.

Land Rover’s optional Activity Key is a clever piece of wearable technology that allows you to lock and unlock your Defender without even needing the keys.

That means that, when you decide to go and be adventurous, you can leave your normal keys in the car and use the Activity Key that is securely fastened to your wrist to lock and unlock your Defender as needed.

Land Rover Defender Features

With the Engineers at Land Rover equipping the new Defender with so much technology and ability, these seven features are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Defender can do. Did we miss your favourite new Defender feature off our list? Let us know on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.