The New Range Rover Meets Amazon Alexa

Built In Perfection

Let Alexa Take Care Of Things

Set your music, change your destination, make a call, all with Alexa. Tell Alexa what you want and need, remove all distractions and focus on the task at hand ... driving.

To make things even easier this integration also allows you to stay organised throughout your day as Alexa is able to connect to supported at home devices.

"Alexa, Play My Chill-Out Playlist"

This video shows you exactly how you can make the most of Alexa in your All New Range Rover.

Create a number of playlists and just tell Alexa which one you want to listen to.

No more scrolling ... now doesn't that sound like perfection.

Fast, Responsive, Intuitive

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rr_22my_18_interior_alexa_020222 (1)

Land Rover Remote Skill

Another great feature as part of the built-in Alexa is Land Rover Remote Skill for Alexa.

Ask Alexa to check your fuel, whether your doors are securely locked, all from the comfort of your own home.

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