Get your Land Rover Summer Ready

It’s a lot easier to be spontaneous when you are equipped for anything. Go further, go wilder, for longer with the help of your highly capable Land Rover and some carefully chosen Land Rover genuine accessories.
Why not also take advantage of our Air Conditioning Service, so your car is ready as the temperature rises this Summer

Accessories to Adventure

With just a few bespoke touches you can personalise your vehicle to meet your own unique needs and make the most of what you’re doing. For the outdoor adventurer, you’ll find a wide range of bike racks, roof rails and tow bars with optional fixed side steps to give you effortless access to the roof. Or for those who like to take their furry friends on a spontaneous wander, you’ll find access ramps, quilted seat liners and even dog showers to clean them up for the next adventure. You will also find that all our accessories have been extreme tested for durability, come with a 24-month warranty and are available with 0% Finance.

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0% Finance* on all Accessories- Get your Land Rover ready for those Staycations ahead!

Personalise your Land Rover with a wide range of accessories specially designed for your vehicle.

  • Bike Carries

  • Roof Accessories

  • Tow Bars

  • Side Steps

  • Pet Accessories

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Complimentary Vehicle Health Check

Ensure your Land Rover is fit for the months ahead with a Complimentary Vehicle Health Check. You’ll receive a clean bill of health with a customer report as well as a wash and vac for a sparkling clean ride. Call our customer service team today to book your complimentary vehicle health check.

Our Land Rover Technicians will perform a safety inspection on your Land Rover. Each area will be given a rating of red, amber or green, indicating any actions needed and how urgent they are.

What we inspect

Contact our customer service team to find out more

*Only applicable for UK registered Land Rover vehicles.

Contact our customer service team today to find out more

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Air Conditioning Service

Most Land Rover's are fitted with air conditioning and climate control, providing the passenger with comfort in hotter than normal temperatures, but like most mechanical devices, air conditioning systems need attention in order to maintain and maximise their efficiency.

Over time the gas in your system will evaporate, reducing the system's effectiveness, while bacteria build up creates bad smells and sometimes illness.

We recommend that regular air conditioning services should be carried out to guarantee optimum performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Full de-gas and re-gas

  • Gas pressures checked

  • Visual check of all pipework and connections

  • Increases fuel efficiency

  • System efficiency check

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Wheel Geometry Check

At Sytner Land Rover we recommended you have your vehicle wheels aligned every 10,000 miles, or at least once a year.

Ensuring your wheels are aligned provides many benefits to your driving experience, such as the below:

Decreases tyre resistance and increases fuel economy

Reduced tyre wear and friction can add thousands of extra miles to your tyre life

Increases handling and grip by eliminating drifts to the left/right.

All these improvements result in a safer drive and a much more comfortable experience.

Before your Geometry Check takes place we will also check:

  • Tyre Pressures and Condition

  • Tyre Sizes

  • Wheel Damage

  • For Suspension Damage

  • For Worn Suspension Joints

  • Equipment Calibration

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Land Rover Accessories

Customise your Land Rover to suit your lifestyle. Take a look at a range of our best selling accessories for your Land Rover.

Finance Options

With a range of finance products available, it’s never been easier to take the wheel of your new Land Rover.

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