Land Rover Genuine Parts

Keeping your Land Rover 100%, Land Rover

With a vehicle designed to be as robust and luxurious as a Land Rover, you will need the reassurance that only using specifically-designed Land Rover Genuine Parts will bring.

These parts have been designed, tested and manufactured according to Land Rover’s uncompromising standards to ensure the superior quality and durability of every component. Each Land Rover part comes with a 12-month warranty and can be ordered directly from our parts department. We will always be happy to give you a fully-inclusive fitted price if you’d like the added reassurance offered by using our Land Rover-trained Technicians.

Land Rover Genuine Alloy Wheels

If you only drive on normal roads, you only need normal wheels.
But you’ve got a Land Rover. Cue exacting standards for Genuine Alloy Wheels.


Crafted with an aluminium and silicon alloy for optimum strength and durability, each wheel is scrutinised by X-ray to check it’s free from even microscopic cracks.


Engineered to precise geometric and balance standards, our alloy wheels help provide a safer clearance from components (such as brake calipers). The result is uncompromising capability on and off-road.


We start with a punishing 12-week dynamic corrosion test. Then, our Genuine Alloy Wheels are analysed for resistance to corrosive fluids, such as brake fluid, fuel and cleaning products. Finally, there’s a relentless 1,000 hour salt spray test. The British winter is mild by comparison.


The Pendulum Impact Test simulates kerb strike hits each alloy wheel at its weakest and strongest points. This structural behaviour test means optimal safety and shock absorption, protecting vehicle and passengers alike.

Land Rover Genuine Brakes

From the scorching dusty heat of Death Valley to the sub-zero climes of northern Scandinavia, Land Rover Genuine Brake Discs and Pads are built to survive the world’s most extreme environments.


Land Rover Genuine Brakes are run through the industry standard AMS Brake Fade test – used by the leading manufacturers for high performance vehicles. After the test vehicle is rapidly accelerated up to 60mph, the brakes are applied as hard as possible until the vehicle comes to a stop. This procedure is repeated non-stop for 12 cycles to ensure that safe stopping performance is not compromised during the test.

Land Rover Genuine Exhausts

Optimal acoustics in all driving conditions.


Designed to strike the balance between power and refinement, Land Rover Genuine Exhausts are calibrated to Land Rover’s unique standards and subjected to over 1,000 hours of rigorous testing. The result? Superlative performance and fuel economy. Enormous material strength at temperatures up to 700ºC.

Land Rover Genuine Oil Filters

Thousands of miles of intense vehicle testing in extreme climate conditions.


Land Rover Genuine Oil Filters are put through a development process that includes thousands of hours of engine tests and tens of thousands of miles of intense vehicle testing in extreme climate conditions.

By using Genuine Oil Filters, replaced at specified service intervals, you can be confident of the quality, fit, durability and function of your Land Rover and its component parts.

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