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Chauffeur Concierge and vehicle replacement

In the event of your car being off the road for a warranty repair for longer than 24 hours, we will provide a ‘like for like’ replacement. The replacement car will be delivered to your chosen address and Audi UK will cover all costs incurred by you in arranging the appropriate temporary or replacement licence with your local authority.

The replacement vehicle pledge is supported by a ‘Chauffeur Concierge’ telephone hotline, a feature of the Audi Chauffeur Programme. The system enables customers to talk to specialists about booking demonstrators, arranging servicing, maintenance or repair work, replacement cycles and whole-life costs.

Perfectly tailored luxury 

The Chauffeur Programme is designed for businesses wishing to elevate their status and offer their clients sophistication and luxury. It provides a finance and support package designed to offer maximum flexibility and full back-up for your business.

Service and maintenance

All Audi Chauffeur Programme cars are supported by a full servicing and maintenance package* for the duration of the contract hire agreement.

*Terms and conditions apply. Service and maintenance administered by Audi Finance​

Contract hire offer

The Audi A8 Chauffeur Programme offers a highly-competitive number of contract hire rates based on your circumstances. Rates for alternative terms and mileages, as well as for the Audi Q7 and A6, which have their own Audi Chauffeur Programme, are also available.

Arrive in style


The Audi A5 sets the standard. Its formative design has been modernised and is more refined.


An incredible level of refinement and a superb finish, the instrumentation is the embodiment of clarity.


A five-door luxury-class coupe with a unique combination of prestige sportiness and functionality.

A8 L

Climate control and extended leather upholstery all add to an unforgettable passenger experience.


Sets the benchmark in its class for the outstanding levels of comfort and luxury, space for seven people.​​


With the imposing Singleframe in octagonal design, the Audi Q8 is the new face of the Q family. 

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