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MOTs are a legal requirement in the UK. Currently, vehicles aged three years or over must be tested each year. We know how much your Audi means to you, so have it assessed at an Audi Centre by the people who know it best.


ABS warning system/controls Y
Condition of service brake system Y
Condition of parking brake system Y
Service brake and parking brake performance
Brake fluid levels including warning lamps Y

Steering & Suspension

Steering control Y
Power steering Y
Wheel bearings Y
Front/rear suspension Y
Shock absorbers Y
Wheel alignment Y
Transmission shafts Y
Electronic stability control system Y
Tyre pressure monitoring system warning lamp Y

Lighting equipment

Front and rear lamps Y
Headlamps (including washing and leveling system) Y
Stop lamps Y
Rear reflectors
Direction indicators Y
Hazard warning lamps Y


All seat belt mountings Y
Condition & operation Y
Front driver's & passenger seat mountings Y
Backrest security in an upright position Y

General items

Catalytic converter
Driving schools
Fuel injection and ECU replacement as a result of calibration failure to meet MOT exhaust gas emission standards
Windscreen wipers and washers Y
Horn Y
Mirrors Y
Registration plate Y
Speedometer, driving controls Y
Driver seat adjustments Y
Engine mountings Y
Tow-bar assembly Y

Audi Cam

When we have completed the inspection we wont just tell you we'll show you.

Audi Cam is a revolutionary way of showing you what work needs to be carried out on your car.

Now you can see and authorise work needed on your car, from your computer or mobile device.