The Audi R8 Spyder

The ultimate open-top Audi experience

Starting from £132,020

Meet the R8 Spyder, the supercar that combines the breathtaking performance of the R8 with the thrill of roof-down driving.

With rapid gear shifts thanks to a 7-speed S tronic transmission, the Spyder's 5.2 FSI, 540PS engine accelerates from 0-62mph in just 3.6 seconds - to a top speed of 197mph*.
*Where the law permits.

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As unique inside as outside.

As standard, the R8 Spyder comes with a Virtual Cockpit display and the option of revolutionary LED headlights featuring Audi Laser Light, which produce a beam with twice the reach of normal LED headlights.

And, with a newly designed folding roof, bespoke Spyder sideblades and a distinctive rear design, the unique experience of the all-new R8 Spyder is matched by its unique looks.

Audi Finance

As a private motorist you have many options when it comes to paying for or leasing your car.

  • Personal Contract Purchase is the most popular method, as it allows you to upgrade typically every two to four years and avoid depreciation costs.

  • Hire Purchase is the straightforward approach, and one that enables you to take full ownership after all payments have been met.

  • Personal Contract Hire differs by giving you access to the latest models without committing to ownership. When the contract ends, simply hand back the keys.

One of our accredited Business Managers will be on hand to discuss all options with you when you book your Audi test drive.

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