West London Audi donate £5,000 to The Harlequins Rugby In A Box

We are pleased to announce that West London Audi have generously donated £5,000 to sponsor 5 boxes for The Harlequins Foundation's new initiative, Rugby In A Box.

Young people are facing more challenges than ever before, particularly after the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has not just affected them academically; it has also had a lasting impact on their wider development. The Rugby In A Box project seeks to develop the Essential Skills required to thrive and succeed in life.

According to 93% of business leaders, skills like teamwork, speaking, and listening are now considered crucial to young people’s success in the post-pandemic economy. With only 44.6% of children completing the recommended average of 60 minutes of sport and physical activity a day, you can see why initiatives like Rugby In A Box are extremely important.

The initiative launched at Big Game 13, with ambassadors Tabai Matson (Harlequins Head Coach) and Connor O'Shea (Director of Performance Rugby, RFU). It contains everything you need to run a tag rugby session – from tag belts, balls and cones to a scheme of work and session plans aligned with the national curriculum. It is not only designed to introduce young people to rugby, but also to use sport to teach them Essential Skills for life.

The 5 boxes that West London Audi are sponsoring are being delivered to schools in the Harlequins Heartlands and will reach some of the most in-need young people in our community. 

Rugby In A Box Manager Matt says, “The sponsorship from West London Audi will allow us to deliver to primary and secondary schools, as well as in a local SEND school, introducing Tag Rugby and the Essential Skills to young people who may never have had the opportunity to participate previously.  We are so thankful to West London Audi for enabling us to reach even more young people and support them to Build a Brighter Future.”

The Harlequins Foundation and Skills Builder Partnership developed the Coaching Handbook during the COVID-19 pandemic to help staff teach the Essential Skills in online classrooms or during outdoor activity. The next phase in their resource development is to provide a central hub for coaches to share session ideas and plans as to how best the Essential Skills are developed in participants.

For those brand-new to the Essential Skills, Rugby In A Box also provides opportunities for staff development: The Harlequins Foundation is providing training opportunities for coaches, teachers, and support staff to help them maximise their ability to embed the Essential Skills throughout their sessions.

There are 8 Essential Skills, divided into 4 pairs:

·        Communication: Listening & Speaking

·        Creative Problem Solving: Problem Solving & Creativity

·        Self-Management: Staying Positive & Aiming High

·        Collaboration: Leadership & Teamwork

We look forward to the growing relationship between West London Audi and the Harlequins, two best-in-class organisations.

Rugby in a box