GardX Protect CX2

Protect your pride and joy for life.

GardX CX2 Vehicle Protection System.

We all aim to maintain the pristine condition of our vehicles. Guard X offers advanced protection systems for your car's paintwork. CX2 Paintwork Protection offers an exceptionally durable, glossy protective layer that remains invisible to the naked eye. It harnesses cutting-edge ceramic technology to defend against harsh pollutants and aggressors. Our protection products have undergone extensive testing in challenging environments and rigorous lab examinations, guaranteeing that your vehicle retains its showroom-fresh appearance for years to come.

Stain Guard

Daily use can take a toll on your car's interiors too. Your fabric upholstery is susceptible to stains and wear. Stain Guard provides an unseen shield for fabric surfaces and carpets, enveloping each fiber with a powerful protective coating. Spills either bead up for easy wiping or seamlessly pass through without leaving a mark. For leather interiors, Leather Guard creates an invisible barrier against stains, ensuring your seats stay nourished and supple long after application.

GardX GX2 Interior

Guard X Tyre

Guard X Tyre Guard simplifies protecting against unexpected situations. It's an emergency tyre repair kit designed to quickly fix punctures and reinflate your tyre. This eliminates the hassle of changing a tyre in challenging or hazardous environments or waiting extended periods for roadside assistance.

GardX GX2 tyre

Glass Guard

Glass Guard ensures clear visibility during challenging driving conditions such as rain and snow. This hydrophobic glass treatment repels rain, enabling it to smoothly run off the surface, thus enhancing visibility and safety on the road.

Gardx gx2 Glass

To safeguard your vehicle and its future resale worth, opt for the award-winning vehicle protection offered by Guard X. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, you can relish the showroom-like condition for years to come.