LifeShine CeraFuse

Get flawless shine and superior protection with Autoglym LifeShine CeraFuse

What is LifeShine CeraFuse?

Autoglym has developed its most advanced vehicle protection system yet. The three-part system provides molecular protective barriers to upholstery, paintwork and glass, providing a lifetime of ultimate protection for your vehicle.

The new CeraFuse™ Technology works by combining reactive silicone and molecular bonding to create a durable and resilient ceramic paintwork barrier for flawless shine and superior protection.

Even under the most severe environmental conditions, the ultra-durable, ceramic barrier will ensure your paintwork works hard against harsh contaminants, while simultaneously locking in your vehicle’s colour and deep, glossy shine for the entirety of your vehicle ownership.

Benefits of CeraFuse:

  • Our most advanced vehicle protection system yet, now with a highly durable ceramic paintwork protection.

  • Completed as a one-stage application process to your vehicle.

  • You'll receive an upgraded complimentary aftercare collection kit (RRP £110) containing some of the latest Autoglym retail products:
    - Instant tyre dressing, 500ml
    - Custom wheel cleaner, 500ml
    - Interior shampoo, 500ml
    - Rapid ceramic spray, 500ml (new)
    - Fast glass, 500ml
    - Foaming car wash, one litre (new)
    - Autofresh interior scent, 500ml (new)
    - Bird dropping wipes, two sachets (new)
    - One microfibre cloth
    - One jumbo sponge

  • Transferable if sold privately within first 12 months (£20 administration fee applies).

  • Two bird lime claims within the first two years of ownership.

  • Two dye transfer claims within the first two years of ownership.

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