Welcome to the power of connected driving

The myAudi app links you and your car seamlessly to the road ahead and the world outside, for easier, smarter and more exciting journeys. To unlock a wide range of great Audi Connect features, download the myAudi app onto your smartphone or tablet.

Explore myAudi app features below

  • Remotely lock and unlock your vehicle from anywhere in the world

  • If you forget where you parked your car you can easily locate it and navigate to it on your app

  • Send destinations directly to your vehicle so you are ready to go as soon as you start the car

  • Check for fuel stations and points of interest nearby

  • Keep an eye on warnings like low windscreen wash

  • Get real time information about your vehicle - like whether your doors and windows are closed

  • Keep an eye on your fuel level, oil and AdBlue levels

  • Automatically send vehicle and service data to your preferred Centre, so they can conveniently organise your service for you for you with Automatic Service Reminder (ASR)

  • Be alerted to attempted theft

  • Locate electric charging stations: e-tron Charging Service gives you access to thousands of charging points across Europe with just one charge card/app

  • Add charging stations to your journey with route planner

  • Remotely start your climate control before you get in the car

  • Check your range before your journey

Explore Audi Functions on Demand

LED Matrix package

Individual diodes automatically switch between dipped and main beam and provide maximum illumination of the road, without dazzling other road users.

Light function package

Unlock an extra lighting function that adapts to your surroundings enhancing visibility on motorways, cornering and at junctions. It includes lighting ‘animations’ when locking/unlocking your car.

Parking assistant

Enable the Park Assist function to help you with parking. This feature searches for suitable roadside spaces, guides you with the ideal parking path and even does the steering for you.

Explore Connect Infotainment

Points of Interest (POI) search with voice control allows you to search with your voice to find information such as opening hours, visitor reviews and photos.

Using the myAudi app you can conveniently plan your journey from your smartphone and send the destination details straight to your car’s navigation system

Parking information can suggest parking locations as you approach your destination, and even tell you live availability and prices

Information on Fuel Prices allows you to find filling stations in your location and compare the price before making the trip, allowing you to save at the pumps

Weather information gives you the latest weather for today as well as forecasts for your location and destination

Navigation with Google Earth with high-resolution aerial and satellite images to help guide you to your destination

Keep life running smoothly with Automatic Service Reminders through the myAudi app.