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When it comes to taking care of your Audi, Sytner Audi offer complete peace of mind. And not just with the experience and know-how to keep your Audi running at its best.
With 0% finance available on repairs, or convenient Service Plans to help you budget, we can help cover your costs, too. Book now – and let your journey continue.

Service Regimes

There are two types of service regimes available for your Audi. Whichever regime you choose your MMI or myAudi account can show you when servicing is due.

If you’re using the myAudi you can be notified automatically when you’re due a service via your smartphone. It can even notify your preferred Audi Centre to get in touch for booking. In addition to oil and inspection servicing, there are several other items that require replacement at specific times or distances such as: air filter, pollen filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, brake fluid, and transmission oil.

• Oil Service (petrol/diesel cars) based on oil degradation* but to a maximum of 18,600miles (30,000km)/or 2 years, whichever occurs first

• Inspection Service every 18,600miles (30,000km)/2 years, whichever occurs first

* The oil change service is the flexible element as the car calculates the rate at which the oil degrades which is influenced by a number of factors, such as driving style, journey types and ambient temperature. The actual mileage achieved before the oil change service is required can be anywhere between 9,300miles and 18,600miles. For example, customers driving longer, motorway journeys or using lighter engine loads may require the oil change closer to the maximum mileage. An oil change service will be due after 2 years, irrespective of mileage, if it has not been completed earlier.

The flexible regime is suitable for the vast majority of cars and is designed to be the most cost effective, but you may still prefer that your car is set to a fixed regime or it may not be eligible for the flexible regime. Please liaise with your Audi Centre.

• Oil Service (petrol/diesel cars) every 9,300 miles (15,000km)/1 year, whichever occurs first

• Inspection Service every 18,600miles (30,000km)/2 years, whichever occurs first (some Battery Electric Vehicles have a fixed inspection regime of 2 years but with no mileage criteria. Check with your Audi Centre for details).


Some customers prefer the fixed regime (where available) as visiting an Audi Centre annually can provide extra peace of mind, the oil and inspection services can be completed in the same visit in the second year and they can budget with more certainty.

Fixed Price Servicing

Whether it’s time for your MOT, oil change service or you just need some new wiper blades, we can service your Audi for a fixed price if it’s over three years old. With simple and transparent menu pricing, you’ll get an all-inclusive cost, with no hidden surprises.

You can find the pricing for your Audi on our online service booking tool.

Service History

Require service history information on an Audi? Use the enquiry form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

0% Finance

Spread the cost on any Maintenance Work or Audi Genuine Accessories

Service Plans

With our convenient Service Plans to help you budget, we can help cover your costs.

Maintenance & Care

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