The Power of Audi Pre Sense

Enhancing Safety and Comfort on the Road

Audi are renowned for manufacturing cars that have precision engineering at their core. But did you know that Audi uses a combination of cutting-edge tech and smart software to keep you safe on the roads, too?

Here, we’ll dive into all things Audi Pre Sense – what it is, how it can benefit your driving experience, and most importantly, how it can keep you and your passengers comfortable and safe during your journey, whether you’re taking a quick trip to the shops or heading out on a family adventure. Let’s get started:

What is Audi Pre Sense?

Put simply, Audi Pre Sense is a driver assistance system. Using a combination of cameras, sensors, radar and clever algorithms, this neat system allows the car to monitor its surroundings and detect a potential collision even before you, the driver. With all these features, it analyses the data in real time to work out the likelihood of an accident and reacts accordingly.


Different hazards on the road require different reactions. After all, slamming the brakes without warning can be just as dangerous. Audi Pre Sense understands this, and that’s why it provides a variety of warning levels to make you, the driver, aware. Pre Sense can give visual warnings on the dashboard, and also audible warnings through your Audi’s speakers. However, if the system detects a very likely collision, it can go a step further and adjust the steering or apply the brakes. 

Though the Pre Sense system can intervene and prevent accidents from happening, it’s important to know that the system is neither an autonomous driving solution, nor is it designed as a replacement for safe driving practices. Rather, it’s there to warn you about the things you may not have spotted, like pedestrians moving into the road behind parked cars, awkward kerbs while parking, and general obstacles in the road. In short, it’s a technological safety net that reduces the risk of collision as much as possible.

How does Audi Pre Sense work?

Every Audi Pre Sense package works using a combination of cameras, radar and sensors to identify other cars, cyclists and pedestrians on the road. Depending on the package you choose, the cameras and sensors will detect other road users and either send visual and audible warnings to alert you, the driver, to the hazard, or the system can intervene and apply the brakes or steer to avoid the danger. 

These are the main safety features Audi Pre Sense offers, however, with certain packages, the cameras can identify road signs as you approach and even help you stay comfortably within your lane on the motorway. Next, we’ll explain each of the Audi Pre Sense packages and how they differ from one another.


Audi Pre Sense Packages

The features that are available with Audi Pre Sense are separated into various packages depending on your needs. These include Pre Sense Basic, Plus, City and 360, with Basic coming as standard in new Audi car models. Here’s a quick overview of each of the packages:

As you’ve probably guessed, Audi Pre Sense Basic is the standard version of the driver assistance system, and it’s included in all Audi vehicles released since 2020. While it can’t fully prevent a collision from happening, it’s still extremely useful. 

With Electronic Stabilisation Control sensors, the car can detect hard braking and skidding. It then adds tension to the front two seatbelts to keep both driver and passenger secure in their seats, and even automatically closes all windows and the sunroof if they’re open to prevent injury from debris. It also automatically turns the hazard lights on to warn other road users. 

Audi Pre Sense Plus builds on the features of the Basic package. Using long-range radar sensors as well as the standard sensors used by Pre Sense Basic, your Audi can detect objects and obstructions up to 250 metres away. That means you have more time to react to any potential dangers.

Pre Sense Plus can also detect and warn you about a rear-end collision if such a hazard emerges. Here, Audi Pre Sense uses sensors at the rear of the car to detect other vehicles approaching the car. If a collision is about to happen, the system can apply the brakes to limit the damage of the impact.

This package also includes a handy adaptive cruise control feature. With this, Pre Sense adjusts the car’s speed to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you, and can accelerate and break whenever needed to maintain that distance.

If you spend most of your driving time around the city or densely populated areas, Audi Pre Sense City is the option to go for. As well as the safety features that come with Pre Sense Plus, the City version provides visual and audio warnings whenever the sensors detect potential danger. However, Pre Sense City goes a step further – it can apply the brakes and even perform an emergency stop in the most severe situations on the road.

Of course, busier roads and areas mean a greater number of things that you, the driver, need to be alert for. That’s why Pre Sense City is also able to identify and warn you about stationary objects like parked cars, to make sure you keep a safe distance from the roadside. And while parking in busy cities and town centres can often be a headache, reversing out of that spot needn’t be. With Cross Traffic Assist, Audi Pre Sense City will let you know about approaching cars as you reverse out of that spot. So, you can always stay alert.

However, one of our favourite features in this version is Traffic Sign Recognition. Using a camera at the front of your car, this will detect road signs as you approach, and will display the information on your dashboard. This is especially useful when navigating complicated one-way systems and ensures you’re always in the know about the rules of the road.

As the name hints, Audi Pre Sense 360 is a comprehensive version of the assistance system, and features everything you’ll find in the Basic, City, and Pre Sense Plus packages, plus a host of other skills.

Not only can 360 detect hazards ahead of the car, but also objects and road users approaching from the sides and from behind, such as cyclists and pedestrians.

With 360, your Audi is able to take automated driving safety to new levels. Intersection Assist uses the car’s cameras and sensors to detect approaching vehicles when turning at a junction. If a collision is likely to happen, it can apply the brakes to avoid a collision altogether, or if it’s unavoidable, to dampen the impact.

360 also offers Lane Departure Warnings, and it’s the ultimate feature for keeping your car on the straight and narrow, especially on long motorway journeys. Your Audi uses its cameras to detect if the car is drifting out of the lane and produces both visual dashboard warnings and audio warnings to ensure a safe trip.

Though it may never be needed, or used very rarely in the most extreme circumstances Emergency Assist is perhaps the cleverest skill that Audi Pre Sense 360 offers. Emergency Assist detects if the driver is incapacitated or unresponsive and can apply the brakes to take the vehicle down to a safe stop. It’ll also turn on the hazard lights to make other road users aware. Though ideally Emergency Assist won’t need to intervene on your journey, this feature has the potential to save lives.

Is Audi Pre Sense available on all Audi models?

In short, no. Audi Pre Sense isn’t available on every model of Audi, however it’s becoming ever more common on newer car models, especially those manufactured in 2021 and more recently.

Some older Audi models don’t have any version of Audi Pre Sense available, so it’s best to check either on the Sytner website or visit your local Sytner Audi dealership to view a selection of cars that have this feature.

How much does Audi Pre Sense Cost?

Unfortunately there’s no straight answer to this question, as the cost of each Pre Sense package varies depending on the model of your Audi and the options you choose. Whichever package you want to go for, these are usually available as part of an optional package or as a standalone package, and the price can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds depending on the features you want.

Here is a quick breakdown of the price of Pre Sense packages on some of the most popular Audi cars:

Audi A3

Audi Pre Sense City included with most models.

Pre Sense Plus is available with the Advanced Safety Pack, with a price of around £1,650.

Audi A4

Audi Pre Sense Plus is available with the Driver Assistance Pack, costing around £1,375.

Pre Sense City is available with the Comfort and Sound Pack, with a price of roughly £1,395.

Audi A6

Pre Sense City is included with most Audi A6 models.

Audi Pre Sense Plus comes with the Parking Assistance Pack, costing around £2,500 for this model.

Audi Q5

Pre Sense City comes as standard on most Audi Q5 cars.

Audi Pre Sense 360 is available with the Comfort and Sound Pack, with a price of around £1,395 for this particular model.

Audi Pre Sense Plus comes with the Advanced Safety Pack, costing roughly £1,650 on an Audi Q5.

Regardless which Audi Pre Sense package takes your fancy, what you’ll get is a handy suite of safety features with the potential to prevent accidents and save lives on the road. While several prestige car manufacturers have developed technology that makes driver and passenger safety the priority, Audi have arguably made the greatest strides.

Though the financial cost of these features is something to be considered, they offer safe driving assistance that’s tough to put a price on. Features like Intersection Assist and Lane Assist not only help you drive as safely as possible, but also make you less vulnerable to the actions and unpredictability of other road users. And with other features like Parking Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition, driving your Audi on new adventures and exploring busy areas has never been easier.

Ultimately, to invest in Audi Pre Sense is to invest in your safety, as well as the safety of your passengers. And at Sytner, you’ll find a fantastic range of quality pre-owned Audi models that already come with Pre Sense packages. Explore our collection of Audi models online or visit your local dealership and speak to experts in person.