Audi Warning Lights

What they mean and how to respond

Warning lights can appear on the dashboard of your Audi for a whole host of reasons, from a petrol cap that’s loose to a passenger seatbelt that hasn’t clicked into place properly. But on rare occasions, that flashing light can indicate something more serious. Whatever car you drive, it’s important to know what these warning signals mean so that you know the right actions to take when you see them.

Audi warning lights appear in three colours. Green, to show you basic info about the car that doesn’t require immediate attention. Yellow, to show that action needs to be taken or a service booked with an authorised specialist like Sytner, and red, indicating a serious issue that requires you to pull over and either fix it or call for roadside assistance. Here, we’ll show you what these warning lights look like and what they mean.

Green Audi lights

Here are some of the more common green lights you’ll see on your Audi dashboard:


This symbol signals that cruise control is switched on, and the speed that you set on the steering wheel is being maintained by the vehicle.


The majority of cars, whether you drive an Audi or any other car model, will show this light when you indicate to turn left or right. If the light flashes faster than normal, this means that one of the indicator bulbs has failed and needs to be replaced.


To save fuel, Audi cars have a start/stop function that turns the engine off when the car comes to a stop when it’s in drive. The engine starts up again when you take your foot off the brake. This light tells you when the system is on. If it shows yellow, this means the function is temporarily disabled due to battery consumption. This is most common in heavy traffic. When it’s red, it means this function is switched off.

Yellow Audi lights

Should you see a yellow warning light on your Audi dashboard, don’t panic. You will need to take action to resolve the problem, and it’s recommended that you book a service with your local Sytner Audi dealership. Here are the most common yellow warning lights:


Audi Pre Sense uses cameras and sensors to work out the car’s proximity to other vehicles. It can also prevent crashes by automatically implementing safety features like automatic braking. If you see this yellow warning symbol, it means there could be an issue with the sensors. Use the manual to locate these on your car and wipe away any dust or dirt to restore Pre Sense to full function.


If you see this yellow warning light, it means there is a problem with the gearbox. You should see a message appear on the dashboard screen explaining the issue. This may require professional repair, so get in touch with your local Sytner Audi repair centre.


This symbol indicates a fault with your steering system. Get it checked by your nearest Sytner repair centre as soon as possible.


When you switch your Audi’s lane assist system on, you’ll see this symbol light up if lane markings can’t be detected. If it’s accompanied by a fault message or doesn’t turn off while you drive, get in touch with your local Sytner centre and we’ll help.


Your Audi anti-lock braking system adds traction to the wheels to prevent skidding and losing control of steering while braking. If you see this yellow warning light, it means there is an issue with the system. While you’re driving, you’ll want to think about braking from a further distance than usual to bring the car to a safe stop, avoiding sharp braking wherever you can. Long term, however, you should take your Audi to your local service centre for repair.


If you see this warning light appear it can mean one of two things. If it stays lit, this means your Audi is producing a higher level of exhaust emissions. This means your exhaust system is faulty, but you can complete your journey before contacting your service centre.

If the light flashes, it means an increased engine load is damaging the catalytic converter. Decrease the engine load to complete your journey, but be aware that the car has developed a potential engine fault. Get in touch with your local Sytner service centre as soon as possible.


Your Audi’s suspension is there to maximise friction between the tyres and the road, making steering more responsive and a comfier ride. When you see this sign, it means the car’s suspension has a fault. Such an incident can affect the car’s stability, comfort, handling, and may even make driving over speed bumps tricky. In this instance, it’s important to take the car to your local dealership for repair.


Do you often drive your Audi on short trips at a slow speed? Cars have a particulate filter that removes soot that builds up in the exhaust pipe and burns it off on longer journeys. When soot builds up over a period of time, this warning light may appear. In most cases, this issue can be resolved by taking a drive of up to 30 minutes to clear the exhaust. If this doesn’t work, contact your repair centre.

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Red Audi warning lights

If you see a red warning light on the dashboard of your Audi car, it means your car has an issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. While it may not be something that requires expert assistance from your service centre, it does indicate that the car isn’t safe to drive until the problem is fixed. Here are the most common red Audi warning lights:


If you put your Audi into drive and see this light, it means that your seatbelt isn’t fastened. The car can also tell by weight if there is a passenger or heavy objects in the front passenger seat and will alert you with this light if the seatbelt isn’t buckled properly. Stop the car safely and make sure all necessary seatbelts are fastened before continuing your journey.


Ever driven your Audi and noticed this light popping up on the dashboard? This warning light indicates that your car bonnet isn’t closed properly. If you do see this light, don’t panic – simply find a safe place to park your car, lift the bonnet and then close it again. When the bonnet is closed securely, the light should turn off.


Your car’s airbag is not something you spend much time thinking about until a hazardous situation arises on the road. This could be another car turning into the road ahead of you without looking, a pedestrian crossing the street at night in poor visibility, or any other scenario that requires sharp thinking and a potential emergency stop. In these situations, the airbag system could potentially save your life, as well as other passengers in your car.

Should you see this light appear, it indicates that the airbag system and belt tensioner may be faulty. It’s important that you head to your nearest Sytner service centre and have this issue fixed as soon as possible.

Can I continue to drive when an Audi warning light is on?

This depends on the type of warning your Audi dashboard is displaying. The best course of action when you see any warning light appear is to repair the issue as soon as possible, or safely drive your car to your nearest service centre for expert guidance. However, sometimes this simply isn’t possible, particularly if you’re driving on the motorway and suddenly see a warning light appear. 

We do not recommend that you ignore the warning light (regardless of the issue it indicates), and that you seek assistance where possible. However, if you happen to be driving and notice a dashboard warning light, particularly one that indicates problems with your ABS, suspension, gearbox or steering, keep this in mind and adjust your driving accordingly and if you are in any doubt, contact your roadside assistance provider. 

If your Audi has a braking issue, remember to keep a greater distance with the car ahead of you. If you have faulty suspension, avoid driving on awkward terrain and remember that your car will handle differently. These problems need to be resolved, but it’s important to remember the safety of your passengers and other road users in the immediate term.

How do I reset Audi warning lights?

The most effective way to reset warning lights is to have the issue they refer to checked over by a specialist and repaired. However, you are able to reset the service indicator light. 

Under the dashboard, you should see a button with a spanner symbol, and another next to it that says ‘0,0’. Place your key into the ignition and turn the car on without starting the engine, while holding down the spanner button. This should bring up the service indicator on the dashboard. Now, hold down the 0.0 button until the message disappears. Turn the car off, remove the key and restart the vehicle. You should find that the service indicator has reset.


Audi warning lights provide vital communication between your car and you, giving insights into your vehicle's health and safety. Understanding the meanings of these warning signals enables you to respond appropriately, ensuring your safety and preventing potential damage. Green lights convey valuable information without immediate urgency, while yellow lights prompt you to take action, often requiring a visit to your trusted Sytner Audi dealership for service and maintenance. The appearance of a red warning light demands immediate attention, indicating a potential safety issue that needs to be resolved before continuing your journey.

Once again, it’s crucial to never overlook or disregard these warning lights. While some situations may permit cautious driving to reach a service centre, it’s always best to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage or risks. Your safety, as well as the safety of your passengers and others on the road, should always be a top priority. Regular maintenance and timely response to warning lights will keep your Audi running smoothly, keeping your driving experience enjoyable, but most importantly safe. Remember, when in doubt, consult your Sytner service centre for expert guidance. Drive responsibly, and may your Audi continue to be a reliable companion on every journey!