Home Charge Point Offer

Fast and efficient home charging from £1,149*

To make owning an electric vehicle enjoyable, we've partnered with Shell Recharge Solutions to bring you a special home-charging offer. By combining simple, customer-centric smart charging with hassle-free installation, you can charge your electric car effortlessly from the comfort of home.

  • Installation included

    Benefit from our full-service standard installation package*

  • Smart enabled

    Remotely monitor, control and update your charging solutions.

  • OZEV grant eligible

    For qualifying rental homes or apartments*

  • Certified safety

    All charge points are online connected, weatherproof, safety certified and suitable for all plug-in EVs

  • 24/7 customer support

    Charge carefree with the knowledge that our EV specialists are ready to assist you around-the-clock

  • Warranty protection

    Benefit from a 2 year warranty as standard or 3 years with the OZEV grant

Electric Vehicle Charging at night

Home charging package

Make the most of fast and efficient home charging from £1,149* (inc VAT), RRP £1199

Charge point featuresAdvanced
Charging speedup to 7.4kW**
Compatible with all EVsYes
Bluetooth connectivityYes
Internet connectivityEthernet, WiFi, SIM
MID certified kWh meterYes
RFID user identity authenticationYes
OZEV approved (subject to availability)Yes

Customisations available at extra costs.

*Prices shown apply to hardware and standard installation only. Any customisation will be at an additional cost. Please note that the OZEV EV chargepoint grant is now only applicable to those who live in a rented property or own a flat with dedicated off street parking. If the £350 grant applies to you, Shell Recharge Solutions will make sure this is reflect in your final invoice. **Most homes have single-phased grid connections enabling speeds of 7.4kW. Homes with three phase connections can charge at speeds of up to 22kW for an additional fee.

Owning an electric car

Charging a car

If you're thinking of making the switch to an electric vehicle, how you're going to charge it will no doubt be one of your primary concerns.

Running costs

The running costs involved with an EV can be substantially lower than those of an equivalent petrol or diesel car.

Servicing & maintenance

Though EVs need far less upkeep than a traditional petrol or diesel, there are still some things you need to keep your eye on.