Electric Car Public Charging

Your guide to charging away from home.

Plugging in at home remains the most effortless way to fully charge your all-electric and Plug-in Hybrid car every day. But with over 600,000 public charging points now in the UK – from remote farm shops to motorway services – it’s easier than ever to charge on the go.

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AC/DC CHARGING – Getting up to speed.

To connect to a charging point, your Land Rover uses a Combined Charging System (CCS). This is compatible with slower AC charging speeds, and on selected models, rapid DC charging speeds. Some other car manufacturers use different systems for charging such as CHAdeMO. These are less-widely used across the charging network and are incompatible with Land Rover.

Slower AC charging points are in places such as retail parks, gyms and car parks.

Rapid DC charging points are typically located on motorways and main roads.

AC Charging

The top part of your vehicle’s CCS inlet is used for AC charging (up to 7kw). The connectors that fit into this are known as a Type 2 connectors and are compatible with your home charger, public AC charging points and domestic plug sockets.

Most public AC charging points require you to use your own cable, so all Jaguar PHEVs come with an AC charging cable as standard. This is the same cable you would use for your home charger.

Rapid DC Charging

On selected models, the lower half of your vehicle’s CCS inlet features two pins that combine with three of the pins above to provide rapid DC charging (up to 50kw) typically on motorways and main roads. The two lower pins can be accessed by removing the lower socket cover.

The fastest way to charge away from home. Rapid DC charging points have their own cables attached, so there is no need to use your vehicle’s own charging cable.

How to find public charging?

With Land Rover Charging powered by Plugsurfing, and your vehicle’s navigation system, it’s easy to access thousands of charging points across the UK and Europe.

And finding them all couldn’t be simpler.

In-Car Navigation

Your Land Rover’s navigation system creates door-to-door route planning while highlighting charging points and monitoring live traffic and along the way.

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