Electric Vehicles Explained

Going Electric with Land Rover

Charging home or away

A home charger is the most convenient and cost-effective way to start every day with a full charge. Destination charging is perfect for a timely top-up away from home.

Uncompromising capability

Heading off the beaten track, you'll find electricity delivers instant power for the most demanding of terrains and departure angles.

Keeping the outdoors great

Our new range of plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) meet each mile with zero tailpipe emissions in full Electric Vehicle (EV) mode and significantly reduced emissions in Hybrid mode. Enabling you to minimise your carbon footprint as you explore nature’s playground.

All-Electric Land Rovers from 2024

From 2024 you will be able to choose from the first of six new all-electric Land Rovers. This is a significant step in our vision to dramatically reduce pollution and achieve a truly sustainable future.

Range Rover Charging

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

BEV vehicles have no combustion engine, are an electric only drive and are charged by an external source with additional inputs from regenerative breaking. BEV benefits from a significantly higher range than the typical daily requirement.

Highlights include...

  • Zero emissions

  • Latest technology

  • Lower running costs, purchase incentives, lower BIK and other tax savings

  • EV driving experience

  • Zero congestion charges

  • 0-80% rapid charge in 40 minutes


Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

PHEV vehicles combine combustion engines with an electric motor and can be charged by an external source with additional inputs from regenerative breaking. PHEV benefits from a small electric range.

Highlights include...

  • Make small electric-only trips

  • Saving money on fuel

  • Significant tax savings

  • High tow capacity

  • Ability to drive regardless of charge

  • Near-silent driving


Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles (MHEV)

MHEV vehicles combine a combustion engine with a 48V battery while benefitting from Stop-Start technology, which harvests energy that can be reused. MHEV's cannot run on electric power alone and cannot be charged externally. MHEV has no electric-only range, as it is driven with a combination of combustion engine and electrical assistance.

Highlights include...

  • Reduced emissions

  • Improved fuel economy, refinement and drivability

  • Simplicity of operation

  • No need to plug in

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Land Rover Accessories

Customise your Electric Land Rover to suit your lifestyle.


With a range of finance products available, it’s never been easier to take the wheel of your new Electric Land Rover.

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