A look at the new Maserati Grecale

Grecale is a strong, cool, Mediterranean wind and Maserati are blowing away the competition with their latest launch, the Maserati Grecale.


The latest design out of Modena is the Maserati Grecale, this new crossover is clearly a descendant of the Levante, sharing many design cues but sporting a lower and smaller body.

At the front of this masterpiece is the familiar trident, while it makes itself known, it certainly isn’t excessive. The Grecale does a good job of blending into its surroundings elegantly while offering a fantastic design piece. Following up from the Trident and you’ll find LED headlights whose design has been taken from the MC20, not the only thing the Grecale has taken from its supercar cousin. The triple air vents make an appearance, a staple of Maserati design. Rounding off the car to the rear, newly designed exhausts look as good as they sound.

medium_19313_maseratigrecaletrofeogiallocorse  EXTERNAL VIEW


Step inside and you’re perfectly supported by the finest heated and air-cooled seats on offer, with the Trident embossed on the headrest, the finest leathers and nice hugging bolsters, it offers a fantastic place to enjoy any journey, no matter how long.

The centre console is purposefully left button and clutter-free, allowing for a large armrest, two cup holders and a spacious storage compartment and a mobile phone charging area.

Looking skyward the optional sunroof, which is standard on the Trofeo model, allows for a light and airy cabin, great for sunny and rainy days alike.

Grasping the leather multifunctional steering wheel and you’re greeted with tactile bliss, with all the controls at the driver’s fingertips, from the start-stop, media controls all the way through to ADAS control.

5 driving modes are available on the Grecale, Comfort, GT, Sport, Corsa (Trofeo only) and Off-Road each with their own characteristics than can completely change the feel of the car and unleash its full potential. 

Taking in the rest of the cabin and you’ll see a total of 4 screens, central to the driver is a large 12.3-inch digital driver’s display, which can be configured to show the driver exactly what they need when they need it.

In the centre, you’ll find 12.3 and 8.8-inch displays that keep the console simplistic, while keeping all the control with the driver and passenger. Control the heating and air-conditioning, navigation, media controls and everything else to adapt the Grecale to your own driving style. 


Finally, the smallest display, the digital Maserati watch, a staple in Maserati design has been given a modern twist, which customisable dials to further individualise your new car.

The Grecale can be purchased with SONOS Faber audio, with laser-cut metal grilles and high performing sound, you can enjoy your music how it was intended.

small_19307_maseratigrecaletrofeogiallocorse_INTERIOR DASH
medium_19304_maseratigrecaletrofeogiallocorse - HEADREST
medium_19305_maseratigrecaletrofeogiallocorse - SEATS

Engine choice

Starting off the range is the ‘GT’ Trim, sporting a 2.0 4 cylinder turbo engine with mild-hybrid technology. Producing 300 horsepower and 450Nm of torque the GT is no slouch, achieving a 0-60 sprint of 5.6 seconds. With the mild-hybrid system you can either recoup some mpg, or, you can use it as an additional boost to get every last drop of performance from your stupendous car.

Stepping up to the Modena gets you an additional 30 horses in the stable, producing the same torque this brings the 0-60 down to 5.3 seconds for an even more spirited drive.

Now if you’re the type of person that wants the best of the best, then look no further than the Trofeo edition. Powered by the same engine found in the new Maserati MC20, this monster SUV is powered by a twin-turbocharged V6 engine. Producing 530 horsepower and 620 Nm of torque, you’ll be doing 60 mph from a standstill in 3.8 seconds, in an SUV! You can settle into luxury heated seats as you watch the speedo climb to a dizzying 177 mph.

The Grecale is set to light a match under the smaller SUV market and we can’t wait to get a look at one, but keep your eyes peeled for the all-electric Folgore version coming soon!

To learn more about the Grecale, find your nearest Sytner Maserati by clicking here, where our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect Grecale for you.