Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Manchester celebrate the end of Phantom with 'Harmony'

With the Rolls-Royce Phantom's production now at an end, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Manchester have created a beautiful one-of-one Phantom to celebrate a car that demonstrates the very essence of romantic motoring.

Originally released back in 2006, the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe was inspired by the J-Class racing yachts of the 1930’s and demonstrated flawlessly the very feel of a convertible Rolls-Royce and romantic motoring. With production now at its end, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Manchester have created a stunning one-of-one Phantom Drophead to celebrate such an incredible car. Named Harmony, this very special Rolls-Royce is the perfect final hurrah for the Phantom Drophead Coupe.

This exquisite hand crafted Rolls-Royce was painstakingly designed by the team at Manchester, gaining inspiration from the work of Coco Chanel and the famous quote “You only really need two colours in a good wardrobe: Black & White”. On the exterior, this inspiration can be clearly seen as the car effortlessly balances a contrast of the colours 'Black' - Rolls-Royce’s blackest deepest black - and 'Arctic White' – Rolls-Royce’s sharpest, whitest, white.

The stunning paintwork is complimented by the hand painted coach line that runs the length of the car in the same sharp Arctic White that dominates the bonnet. Also completely bespoke, the darkened alloy wheels have been dressed in a tyre that features a unique Arctic White pinstripe. 

The interior of Harmony sees a continuation of the beautiful exterior design, therefore meaning that, once you step through the dramatic coach doors, you are greeted by a sea of the simple yet elegant Black and White colour scheme thanks to stunning Black leather that has been contrasted with Arctic White piping. Instantly drawing the eye, the bespoke steering wheel has been designed specifically for Harmony and has been finished once again in Black and Arctic white.

The beautiful dashboard has been created using Technical Fibre; a special material that consists of Carbon Fibre interwoven with Aluminium thread. Whilst everything about Harmony is incredibly special, arguably the most special feature is the beautiful tread plate that reads: “Rolls-Royce Phantom Harmony…One-of-One”.

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