Sytner Group and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Sunningdale

Celebrate real life heroes

Sytner Group and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Sunningdale celebrate real-life heroes following the recent Christmas competition.

Due to the pandemic, the winner’s prize was initially postponed but, the prize winners, Liam and Rebecca, started their year celebrating in London.

Liam Meyer was named the Sytner Group and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Sunningdale hero after being nominated by friend, Rebecca Slater, for his charitable work in 2020/21.

Her nomination said: “After losing his dad last year, he set up an online support group for those who had suffered bereavement due to Covid-19. Despite his own loss, he has supported others massively and created a safe space for people to discuss their own grief.

“Liam also realised that men’s mental health was being significantly affected by the lockdown and that men weren’t joining online support groups or seeking help. Deciding to raise awareness and funds for the issue, he undertook a Land’s End to John O’Groats motorbike ride and Liam has now raised over £10,000 for the charity.”

Rolls-Royce celebrate real life heroes - image of couple with shopping

Liam did all of this whilst working full time in the NHS as well as supporting his own family.​

When talking about the win, Rebecca said: “Well I was really surprised when I found out that Liam won but I don’t think Liam believed me. I really don’t think he gives himself enough credit.”

Liam said: “It was a big shock when I found out and maybe I don’t give myself enough credit, but I don’t do it for that. Everything that I did was obviously to help other people but also to distract me from a really bad time and then it just escalated from there really.”

Liam received £1,000 to spend in Harrods on whatever he wished and the two had a fantastic Rolls-Royce Ghost chauffeur driven tour around the city thanks to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Sunningdale, as well as afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason’s Diamond Jubilee Tearoom to end an extraordinary day.

Rolls-Royce celebrate real life heroes - image of couple next to ghost rolls-royce

Talking about the day, Liam said: “Basically, you’ve given us so much more than just a trip and a shopping spree, it’s brought people together and we got to see the Covid memorial wall which was a huge thing for us. We had a lot of anxiety about coming up but to do it in this manner and be chauffeured around, you made it feel as safe as possible for us.

“We’ve got some lovely bits to take back with us too. I’d like to thank you for absolutely everything, I feel totally spoilt.”

Rebecca said: “Harrods is an amazing building, it was lovely to go in there and think that I can actually choose something for myself was amazing.

“The car was great and just to have someone waiting and Colin [Chauffeur] is absolutely lovely and so friendly. It’s nice to do something totally different, I would usually be working but we’ve had such a lovely day and haven’t had to worry about anything.”

Sytner Group and Rolls Royce Motor Cars Sunningdale were thrilled to host Liam and Rebecca and help them to experience London in a spectacular way.

At Sytner Group it is important to both the business and to colleagues to support individuals and communities in which it works to allow them to grow and thrive.

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