The new range rover is the perfect car for every day

​The Range Rover has been the epitome of useable luxury vehicles for over 50 years. Since their inception, they have come in all shapes and sizes, but here are a few reasons why we think the new 2022 Range Rover is the best so far and why it is the best car for every day.

Monday – Why did it have to be Monday?

The weather is cold and dreary, it’s early, too early, and the kids are ready for school. But, the Range Rover is many things but cold and dreary are not in its vocabulary.

Before you even leave the house you can experience one of the newest features of the 2022 Range Rover, Alexa. With the latest technological updates to the Range Rover comes the Amazon virtual assistant, but rather than Alexa being reduced to playing music or writing your shopping list, Land Rover has allowed Alexa to control aspects of the Range Rover from your home, like setting the temperature, turning the lights on and pre-selecting your Monday morning get up and go playlist.

The latest iteration has tailored semi and near-aniline leather for the softest seats that allow occupants to relax into a state of tranquillity across any journey. And for the first time, the new Range Rover can be equipped with a Kvadrat™ remix wool blend fabric interior.

If you feel like driving in silence, models can now be equipped with new plug-in hybrid engines capable of driving 62 miles on all-electric energy, perfect for those short school runs and trips into the big city. This, coupled with the double glazed windows all around, means you’ll be driving around in motoring bliss. 

range_rover_22_preview_showroom view

WednesdayOver the hump

You’ve made it, it’s halfway through your week, and the weekend is in sight. Today is netball practice and you’ve got the task of taking six members of the team with you but luckily, with the new Range Rover having a seven seat option, it is well equipped to handle the carpools and family gatherings.

Using the well-placed buttons, you can watch the middle seats glide out the way on their own, allowing access to the two large third-row seats, each with its own heating, climate vents, chargers and cup holders. That, coupled with 90cm of legroom, sitting in the third row of the Range Rover is as much of an experience as sitting in the middle row, gone are the arguments of who sits where.

As is typical with sports events, on the way the rain starts to fall and as you pull up, everyone prepares for the dash to the safety of the sports hall. And, as everyone darts from the warmth of the heated seats, doors are flung open and left, but thankfully, with a press of the brake pedal, the doors will pull themselves closed, alleviating the need to get your own hair wet. 

range_rover_22_preview_interior view
range_rover_22_preview_central controls
range_rover_22_preview_window controls
range_rover_22_preview_boot controls

FridayTime to get excited

TGIF! You can count down the hours to the weekend, sitting in the Range Rover you can ask Alexa to play your Friday playlist and let the 1600 watt set of 34 speakers sing and get you in the mood for the weekend.

Sink into the semi-aniline leather or Kvadrat fabric seats, turn on the massage and think about your weekend, Friday is a planning day.


Saturday morning, you’re all packed up, dog included (his name is Chester) and you’re ready to hit the open road. The kids are enjoying their own content on the 11.4-inch rear screens, each with their own HDMI source so they can watch independently, your partner is sitting back, heated seats on and enjoying the comfiest journey possible.

The cabin is still quiet on the motorway, thanks to glazed windows and a very clever noise-cancelling system. Microphones in the wheel arches record road noise and using the speakers in the headrests, play an opposing sound that cancels out the noise, exactly like headphones, but in a Range Rover.

Pulling up to your holiday hot spot, you encounter twisty driveways heading to a tight parking space. Usually, this would take a second pair of eyes, careful application of the throttle or staring intently at the 360-degree cameras. But you have a Range Rover, with rear-wheel steering. Yet another first for Range Rover, is rear-wheel steering, which allows the rear wheel to turn up to seven degrees, enough to bring the turning circle down considerably, it has a tighter radius than some saloons! So all parked up, out come the kids, the dog makes a break for it and you can go enjoy your holiday.

Later in the evening, you’re outside and looking for a bit of ambience, well, the Range Rover can provide. Thanks to its ‘Event Suite’ you can sit and enjoy any outdoor setting in comfort and class. Simply allow the boot to open, pull up the backrests from the boot floor, place the seat cushions down and you can sit back and enjoy the evening from comfort. Fancy some music? Above your head are two of the Meridian speakers that can be controlled via Alexa to provide entertainment for the evening and to the side of each seat, cup holders, which are perfectly shaped for champagne, it’d be rude not to.

Unfortunately, the holiday is coming to a close, and in typical UK weather fashion, outside is miserably cold and wet. Luckily the car is packed, but you shudder at the thought of getting into a cold car. Using remote features, you set your temperature and within minutes, you can be on your way in an already lovely and warm car.

You pull up at home, ask Alexa to turn on your lights, get yourself unpacked and get yourself into bed ready for the week ahead. You take one last look at the connected Land Rover app, windows and doors are definitely shut and locked, and set off to sleep.

We usually dread Mondays, but knowing you get to slide into the Range Rover again and experience it day in and day out does make that an easier thing to come to terms with.

To find out more about the Range Rover and how it can be the perfect car for YOUR week, click here to talk to one of our experienced colleagues.

range_rover_22_preview_front light view