Top 10 cars from the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is unfortunately over for another year, but what an amazing time it’s been. Given how many incredible cars took to the hill this year, this was never going to be an easy list to put together, but we’ve given it our best shot. Read on to see our favourite cars from the festival.


With BMW celebrating 50 years of M they definitely had a large presence at this year’s Festival of Speed, and with the M4 CSL premiering only a few months ago, it was no surprise to see it making its way up the hill.. This near 550 horsepower M4 special edition made it up the hill in an impressive 51 seconds, helped by the incredible skill of driver Joerg Weidinger and the fact it is 100KG lighter than the base car.

Goodwood 2022

Mercedes W10 Formula 1 Car

The Mercedes W10 car had been re-liveried in the 2022 design. Piloted by George Russell, the Mercedes-Benz F1 driver but on a show, flying up the hill and making a mess of Goodwood Houses’ driveway as he completed some doughnuts for the crowd.

The Mercedes W10 Formula 1 car had been re-liveried in the brand new 2022 design. The car was piloted by George Russel and the Mercedes-Benz F1 driver ensured he put on a show for his fans, flying up the hill and finishing with some doughnuts to delight the crowds.

Goodwood 2022

Maserati MC20

We’ve made no secret of our love for the Maserati MC20 when it initially launched, and seeing it fly up the hill only reignited that feeling. A true everyday supercar with lashings of Maserati luxury. The MC20 looked particularly fantastic in Blu Infinito as it carved up past Goodwood house using all of its 630 horsepower and letting the 2.0-litre V6 sing from the top of its lungs.

Goodwood 2022

BMW M3 Touring

Something that hasn’t really been seen since the M5 estate, a BMW M car with space for the whole family, and the dog, and the kitchen sink! The M3 Touring has an incredible presence on the road and track alike and looked stunning in this safety car livery. With over 500 horsepower, 650NM of torque and a huge boot it is definitely the ultimate family wagon, capable of rivalling the most notorious high-performance estate cars.

Goodwood 2022

Porsche 917 Gulf Livery

The iconic Gulf livery adorns this automotive icon as it glides up the hill with a very familiar flat 12 scream. Providing Porsche with their first-ever Le Man’s win means the Porsche 917 is forever a car to be celebrated, not only was it the first win for Porsche, but the car set a distance record that would take 40 years to beat and a speed record that would take around 20. Through sheer determination, this car made it to production and earned it’s place in the automotive hall of fame.

Goodwood 2022

Mercedes-AMG One

Finally making an appearance after years of development, how could we not put the Mercedes-AMG One on this list. A winning F1 engine packed into a road going car is a sentence to get any petrol head excited, so finally seeing it come to life and grace the Goodwood hill climb was a sight to behold. Running out of puff at 11,000rpm and making 1,063 horsepower thanks to the two electric motors, it has the numbers to impress the keenest of petrol heads.

Goodwood 2022

PRODRIVE P25 Subaru 22B recreation

At first glance, it appears to be a Subaru Impreza 22B, the famed Japanese two-door bullet that dominated the 90s and early 2000s. But take a closer look and you’ll see this is actually a masterfully crafted resto-mod from the team at Prodrive. Costing over £500,000 each, this car definitely has a premium price tag compared to the original design , however, this didn’t stop slots (slots for what??) from being sold out before the festival was even over. With 400PS produced from a 2.5-litre flat-four turbocharged engine and more carbon fibre than you can shake a stick at, this car was definitely one of the most special to climb the hill.

Goodwood 2022

Ford Pro Electric Supervan

We’ve seen fast vans before, but nothing looks more surreal than watching the Ford Pro Electric Supervan charge up the hill without making a single sound. With around 1,972 horsepower it has twice the power of some of the most powerful supercars in the world, in a van… 0-62mph is dispatched in under two seconds and with a wider and lower platform, the van gripped to the road like the best of them. Out of everything that took to the hill, this was definitely one of the most surprising and we couldn’t take out eyes off it.

Goodwood 2022

McMurtry Spéirling​

Now it wouldn’t be a complete list if we didn’t mention this car. Hailing from the Cotswolds, McMurty Automotive began building and testing automotive technologies in 2016, and 6 years later, brought the Spéirling to Goodwood in 2021 as a ‘Secret Project’. 12 months later and all the hard work, long days and what must have been a lot of coffee paid off, as the car broke both the official (41.6 seconds) and unofficial (39.3 seconds) hill climb records with a blisteringly quick 39.08 seconds. If you manage to revisit one moment from the Festival of Speed, this would be the one to see. And if you need a reference point for the speed, you just need to listen to the gasps and laughs of excitement, as well as the fact the camera crew really struggled to keep it in frame!

Goodwood 2022

BMW Red Bull Drift Team

If you came to Goodwood for a show, then seeing these come up the hill was exactly what you ordered. Masterfully handled by Elias and Johannes Hountondji, known as ‘The Driftbrothers’. Based loosely on theBMW M4 GT4s, , these drift machines hammered up the hill with incredible speed and put on a biblical display of driving control for spectators.

Goodwood 2022

So Goodwood is finished for another year, but what a year it has been! So much technology and fantastic cars were showcased this year and we are sure to be talking about it for a long time. Make sure you follow us on social media to see all of the epic photos, videos and stories from the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022.