Sytner Group Social Media Community Guidelines

Sytner Group Limited and its subsidiaries has multiple social media accounts spanning our vehicle franchises and regions. These include (but are not limited to) accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Our social media accounts are monitored during our normal business opening hours, except on public holidays. If you need to speak with us about an issue, complaint or compliment please see our customer service information to speak to ensure your issue reaches the right team. - Otherwise we will aim to respond as soon as possible.

Our commitment to you:

Over the past few years social media has grown making it an accessible and direct platform for the Sytner Group to deliver engaging content that offers value to our customers and followers. In order to ensure we foster a safe community online, we may need to intervene and delete content that has been published on our accounts where it is appropriate to do so.

Our commitment to you:

  • we will ensure our content is clear, honest and reliable.

  • we will create a safe, community focused space for car lovers of all walks of live to enjoy.

  • where you have an issue or complaint we will ensure the matter is addressed swiftly.

  • we will ensure our social media accounts represent and hold true the core values of the Sytner Group; delighting our customers and colleagues.

Our community’s commitment to us:

Across all our social media platforms, Sytner Group Limited reserve the right to remove any public comments that are deemed to be offensive in their nature or violate Sytner Group’s Social Media Community Guidelines. Your comment has grounds to be removed if:

  • you have published private and/or sensitive data regardless of this is your own personal data or another individuals (such as contact information).

  • you have used grossly offensive language (see below).

  • your comments could be perceived to be threatening or abusive to other community members.

  • you have "spammed" or “trolled” our accounts by posting the same message, or very similar messages, repeatedly.

  • you have published information designed to mislead our customers such as fraudulent links or by falsely representing Sytner Group.

  • you have identified an employee in a manner which potentially affects his/her personal safety, threatens violence or is grossly derogatory.

  • you have included comments which could leave the Group liable for legal action such as commenting on ongoing proceedings.

What constitutes as offensive language?

A message, post or comment which includes:

  • profanity (curse or swear words)

  • hate speech e.g. racial/ homophobic slurs or language which targets a protected characteristic in a derogatory manner

  • content which is grossly offensive

  • incites violence

  • derogatory and/or insulting language which are directed at a person's appearance

Blocking, unfollowing or muting on social media

If an individual continually (on multiple occasions) violates the above specified social media community guidelines, or where content posted puts our customers at risk such as fraudulent links, Sytner Group Limited reserves the right to block access to all our social media accounts indefinitely and without notice. Should your account have been blocked due to violations of our community guidelines and you need to contact us, please refer to our customer services information.