Maintenance & Care

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Why you should service your Audi

Regular servicing is key to safeguarding your Audi's performance and a full service history could also enhance the future re-sale value of your Audi. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you – and your car – receive the very highest level of care and service. No one understands Vorsprung durch Technik like we do.

To ensure optimum safety and performance it's essential that it is replaced every five years or as per the mileage specified in your Audi service schedule – whichever comes first. Cambelt replacement is a complex job but by entrusting your car to us, you can be confident that the work is being done by experienced Audi Trained Technicians.

Your Audi is engineered to perform smooth, seamless gear changes and to ensure your gears are maintained to their optimum condition, we recommend the transmission fluid change to be carried out before your vehicle reaches 40,000 miles.

To keep the conditions perfect inside your Audi, every two years we recommend having an air conditioning service – including a gas top-up and detailed inspection. Between services, we can also do an air conditioning refresh: an ultrasonic treatment that clears microbial, fungal and bacterial particles to keep the air pure and fresh.

Specially created for each Audi model, Audi genuine tyres ensure both wheel rim and tyre are coordinated to meet our exacting requirements. To achieve the 'AO' marking for every model, Audi Genuine tyres have to undergo around 50 performance criteria tests. This is considerably more stringent than statutory tyre regulations. Audi Genuine tyres are at the forefront when it comes to safety, comfort and driving on any road surface.