Audi Genuine Tyres

When something in your Audi needs replacing, there’s no substitute for Audi Genuine Parts – and that’s as true of your tyres as it is of any other part

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Regular maintenance and correct replacement of your tyres is vital and also a legal requirement. They affect your car's acceleration, stopping distance, fuel economy and reduction of CO2 emissions. To help maintain your tyres, our technicians will check the tread depth, pressure and condition of your tyres. If your tyres need to be replaced, we'll provide tyres of the same high quality as factory-fitted originals at competitive prices.

Genuine Tyres

Audi Genuine Tyres are specially developed and coordinated with your particular Audi model to ensure the highest standards of safety and comfort. There’s a simple way to check your tyre is an Audi Genuine Tyre: the ‘AO’ stamp, which stands for ‘Audi Only’. It means you can be confident these tyres have undergone over 50 separate performance tests and have been checked to much higher standards than statutory tyre regulations. Audi Genuine tyres are at the forefront when it comes to safety, comfort and driving on any road surface.

Audi Cold Weather Tyres

We recommend switching to Audi Cold Weather Tyres long before winter begins to bite – in fact, as soon as the temperature falls below 7°C. That’s when ordinary tyres start to harden, reducing your stopping distance and making it harder to grip the road. Thanks to a special tread compound, Audi Cold Weather Tyres give you peak performance even when the mercury starts to drop.