Audi Genuine Tyres

When it comes to looking after your Audi, there's nothing better than using Audi genuine parts.


Regular maintenance and correct replacement of your tyres is not only a legal requirement but it's also vital to keeping your Audi on the road. They can affect your car's acceleration, stopping distance, fuel economy and reduction of CO2 emissions. In order to help maintain your tyres, our technicians will check the tread depth, pressure and condition of your tyres. If your tyres need replacing, we'll provide tyres of the same high quality as factory-fitted originals at competitive prices.

Genuine Tyres

Audi Genuine Tyres are specifically developed and coordinated with your Audi model to guarantee the highest level of safety and comfort.

If your Audi has a genuine tyre, you’ll see the ‘AO’ stamp, which stands for ‘Audi Only’. This reassures you your tyres have undergone over 50 separate performance tests and have been checked to a greater standard than statutory tyre regulations.

Cold Weather Tyres

When the weather starts to get colder, ordinary tyres start to harden, reducing your stopping distance and making it harder for your vehicle to grip the road. We recommend switching to Audi Cold Weather Tyres as soon as the temperature drops below 7°C. Thanks to the special tread compound, Audi Cold Weather Tyres allow you peak performance throughout the winter months, ensuring increased safety when on the roads.

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Maintenance and Repairs

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