Planting for the Future

More planting expected to start this Spring!

Sytner Audi supported the planting of 2,710 climate resilient trees across the UK in 2023-24

Sytner Audi has partnered with GreenTheUK to plant 2,710 climate-resilient trees this year. These trees will be distributed among six woodlands in the UK including regions near Sytner Audi dealerships, such as North Yorkshire. If you've recently visited one of our dealerships, you may have seen electronic screens displaying their dedication to large-scale tree planting through two projects with GreenTheUK.

Tree Species Planted:


400 trees planted including:

  • Douglas Fir

  • Beech

  • Japanese Red Cedar

County Down

500 trees planted including:

  • Hazel

  • Red Oak

  • Rowan

North Yorkshire

100 trees planted including:

  • Mountain Gum

  • Alpine Ash

  • Swamp Peppermint

West Sussex

500 trees planted including:

  • Field Maple

  • Whitebeam

  • Yew


850 trees planted including:

  • Alder

  • Scots Pine

  • Silver Birch


360 trees planted including:

  • Hawthorn

  • Sessile Oak

  • Hazel

What's to come in 2024

Anticipating the completion of our wildflower restoration this year, we also have promising leads lined up in West London:

  • Marnham Field: A 13-minute drive from Sytner Audi West London and 39 minutes from Slough Audi, covering 1.5 hectares.

  • Branston Meadow: Located 30 minutes away from West London Audi and Slough Audi, spanning 1.12 hectares.

GreentheUK logo image

See our progress on our wildflower initiative

We have invested with GreentheUK to support B-Lines who are restoring habitat and recreating connectivity with "stepping stones" of wildflower planting.

Wildflowers are crucial for pollinators, but we've lost 97% of flower-rich meadows since 1940, leading to the decline of hundreds of pollinator species.

The "B-Lines" initiative is building a network of insect pathways with wildflower-rich habitats across the UK, enabling wildlife to move freely through both rural and urban areas.

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