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Some people seem to think that electric cars aren’t fun. It might be the absence of noise or the almost space-age feeling that they bring, but occasionally it’s said that electric cars lack the ‘soul’ that you’d get from a petrol or diesel car. However, we’d beg to differ.

Some of the EVs on sale at Sytner today bring the same level of fun and excitement that you’d find with an equivalent combustion-engined car, but with the background of zero emissions and lower running costs. What’s not to like? Here are some of the best available.

MINI Electric

Mini has successfully transferred all of that famous ‘go kart feel’ into its current electric vehicle. It’s also able to get close to the acceleration figures that you’ll get from a Cooper S petrol, so it’s definitely not lacking in the performance department.

What’s more, it’s backed by agile steering which makes it a hoot in the bends but also means it’s great for around-town driving. There’s even a dedicated Sport mode, which adds a little extra weight to the steering for a more planted feeling.

You should get up to 145 miles of range from a single charge, meaning that there’s more than enough in the ‘tank’ for countryside blasts and even daily commutes. Inside, you get all of the creature comforts you’d expect from a Mini, with standard-fit satellite navigation and a clear ‘driver display’ helping to lift the overall feeling of the cabin.

Porsche Taycan

Porsche took to the electric car world with typically razor-edged precision. Somehow, you get just the same feel and responsiveness from its battery-powered Taycan as you do in the rest of the firm’s range of sports cars, with its planted feel, excellent acceleration and sharp handling making this into one of the most exciting EVs on the market today.

Available with a range of outputs – from 4S through to the high-performance Turbo S – the Taycan really delivers the kind of high-octane thrills you’d expect from a Porsche without the emissions. There’s also the excellent Cross Turismo version which, with its almost estate-like bodystyle, means that there’s even more space for the rest of the family to come and enjoy the ride.

BMW i4 M50

BMW has steadily expanded its range of electric cars in recent years, with the i4 arriving as its sportiest.

p90439355_highres_bmw_i4_m50_9_2021- HERO

In the case of the range-topping M50 things are taken up a notch, with a dual-motor setup delivering an incredible 536bhp – outgunning many of BMW’s petrol-powered ‘M’ cars by some margin. It’s also got a well-made and spacious cabin, while its 470-litre boot means that it’s got more than enough space for a weekend’s worth of luggage, or plenty of shopping.

Yet despite its ability to go from 0-60mph in just 3.7 seconds, it’s also capable of returning up to 324 miles from a single charge. Plus, ultra rapid charging capability means that a 10 to 80 per cent charge could be conducted in as little as 31 minutes when hooked up to an appropriate charger.

Mercedes-AMG EQE 53

Mercedes-AMG has really pushed the boat out when it comes to the performance version of its electric EQE saloon.

Front view of Mercedes-AMG EQE

The EQE 53 can deliver up to 677bhp from its dual-motor setup, delivering a zero to 60mph time of just 3.1 seconds in the process, alongside a top speed of up to 149mph. A huge 90.6kWh battery means that the EQE 53 can return up to 322 miles from a charge, too, so it’s got long-distance driving covered as well.

But when you’re not having fun in the bends, the EQE 53 will also settle down to become a comfortable cruiser. Standard-fit air suspension means it can stay remarkably supple, while a full widescreen ‘Hyperscreen’ setup delivers an immersive and easy-to-operate media experience for those sitting up front. There’s even a clever ‘AMG Sound Experience’ system that plays a space-age noise through the speakers and can be controlled through steering wheel-mounted controls.


Skoda’s standard Enyaq might be one of the go-to electric cars in the family-size segment, but the vRS shows that it’s got a sportier side, too. With more power than the existing 80x Sportline model, the Enyaq vRS really sprints away from the line while its dual-motor setup with all-wheel-drives provides assured handling regardless of the conditions

It’s also got the same attention to detail as you might’ve seen on some of Skoda’s previous vRS models. So inside, you’ll find sporty bucket seats, contrast stitching and vRS-specific badging for that more performance-inspired feel. But as well as being slightly more involving to drive than the regular Enyaq, it retains all of the car’s ‘Simply Clever’ features, such as umbrellas in the doors and an ice scraper neatly integrated into the boot door.

Volkswagen ID.4 GTX

Capturing some of the excitement that you get from the Golf GTI is tricky, but it would seem that Volkswagen has managed to gather up some of that sparkle in the new ID.4 GTX. With its dual-motor setup it’s got boatloads of performance, yet it can still deliver just over 300 miles of range in between trips to the plug. Volkswagen says it’s good for a zero to 60mph time of six seconds, while revised suspension and weightier steering means it’s good in the corners too.

The regular ID.4’s practicality has been retained, meaning that its cabin is still spacious enough for five to get comfortable and its 543-litre boot is of a really useful size. You can expand that boot up to 1,575 litres by folding down the rear seats, too, turning this performance SUV into an even more practical option.

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