EVs for under £40,000

Electric cars at the more affordable end of the market

Though the electric car market is increasing at quite a rate, there’s a noticeable absence of models at the more affordable end of the spectrum. It can make it more difficult to make the switch to an EV, even after you consider the large potential cost savings available by going electric.

However, not all manufacturers have deserted the more affordable EV market. Here’s a look at all the electric cars Sytner sells that are available for under £40,000

MINI Electric

From £29,000

If ever there was a car that suited going electric, it’s Mini’s Hatch. Since 2020 this iconic model has been offered as an EV, and it’s proving ever more popular.

The Mini Electric manages to retain all the same level of chic style and personalisation that the Mini is renowned for, but wraps it up with a modern, cutting-edge electric powertrain, and one that successfully manages to lose none of the fun factor.

Similar to Mini’s Cooper S hot hatch in terms of performance, the Electric’s motor puts out 181bhp, and allows for a 0-60mph time of 7.1 seconds, though in truth it feels much quicker than that because of the sheer urgency offered. A relatively compact battery also makes it one of the lightest electric cars on the market, meaning it feels every bit as nimble and agile as other Mini models.

Offering a claimed range of up to 145 miles, Mini also offers three very generously specified trims – Level 1, 2 and 3 – with the Electric starting from a competitive £29,000.

SKODA Enyaq iV

From £38,970

You can get an impressive amount of electric car for a £40,000 budget, and the Skoda Enyaq iV proves just that. This large SUV is Skoda’s first bespoke electric model, and is built around the Volkswagen Group’s acclaimed MEB platform, which is exclusively used for EVs.

Kicking off from £38,970, that buys an Enyaq equipped with a 58kWh battery and electric motor producing 177bhp and 310Nm of torque, allowing for an 8.2-second 0-60mph time, along with an impressive electric range (for the price) of 246 miles. A rapid charge takes around 35 minutes to get the battery topped up to 80 per cent.

Another stand out area with the Enyaq is its impressive practicality, which makes this a Skoda that’s the perfect choice for families. With 585 litres of boot space with the rear seats upright and a huge 1,710 litres with the rear seats folded, it offers a vast amount of room, and there’s masses of space for rear passengers owing to Skoda’s clever use of this electric platform.

smart EQ Fortwo

From £22,225

If you live in and around a congested city where space is at a premium, there’s no better car for the job than Smart’s EQ Fortwo. Measuring less than 2.7m in length, this two-seater can be parked in spaces you’d never normally dream of fitting a car, while it has a tiny turning circle that makes it one of the best city cars ever produced.

Since 2019 Smart has only been producing electric models, and in that respect it has been well ahead of the curve. The EQ Fortwo, to quote its full name, might be slightly compromised by its 81-mile electric range, but for those living in cities and not travelling too far, it will be a dream to live with – particularly the many cities that are already well set up in terms of charging infrastructure.

With a starting price of £22,225 for the ForTwo Coupe and £24,645 for the more stylish Cabrio, it’s currently one of the most affordable new electric cars on the market. All models also come with plenty of equipment, including 16-inch alloy wheels, a panoramic glass roof, reversing camera and an eight-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Volkswagen ID.3

From £39,425

Volkswagen’s line-up of electric cars is one of the most extensive around, and all fall under the brand’s ‘ID’ model line. The model to kick this all off was the ID.3, which arrived in 2020 as a striking new EV.

As important for Volkswagen as the Golf and past Beetle, the ID.3 helped to kickstart a new era, and is rather excellent as a result. Aided by its rear-wheel-drive chassis, this Volkswagen is great to drive, being fun when it needs to be, but also refined and comfortable for longer trips.

The use of the EV-specific platform also frees up plenty of space for passengers, with the ID.3 essentially having a completely flat floor in the rear (there’s no need for a central transmission tunnel), plenty of storage spaces and a practical 385-litre boot. Available with a range of trim levels and powertrains, prices for the ID.3 start from £39,425 and for that you get a ‘Style’ model with an impressive 260-mile range.

Volkswagen ID.4

From £38,845

Another electric car that offers great value for money is the Volkswagen ID.4. Sitting above the ID.3 in this firm’s electric range, thanks to the option of a smaller – and more affordable – battery option, this SUV’s £38,845 starting price marginally undercuts the ID.3.


It’s certainly a great choice for those happy to sacrifice a bit of electric range in the name of practicality, though even with the 52kWh battery specified, the ID.4 is still able to travel a claimed 223 miles before it will need to be recharged.

Spaciousness is certainly something the ID.4 is not lacking as this electric SUV offers a very roomy and well thought out interior that will make it an appealing choice for families. There’s a large boot for all the luggage and shopping you would want to carry, while there’s a nice flat floor in the back that aids passengers sitting in the rear.

The ID.4 also provides lots of equipment as standard, including Volkswagen’s latest modernist, clutter-free dashboard that’s centred around a large 10-inch touchscreen that offers a host of features as standard, not least wireless smartphone mirroring and a clever satellite navigation that can help you locate the nearest public electric charging points.

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