Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022 – Sytner Round-Up

Wanting to catch up with all things Goodwood? Well, during the festival we will be updating this blog with some of the highlights from the hill, the stands and the food! All through the eyes and words of Sytner Group colleagues who are experiencing it first-hand.


From our Vehicle Photography Manager: “I really enjoyed seeing multiple generations of BMW lined up for the BMW M Moment. It really makes you appreciate the heritage of the brand and I was able to understand how it had evolved over the years.

“The M Moment was just as dramatic as it seems in the photos – the live choir and the fireworks really created a great atmosphere for their big reveal.”.

Goodwood 2022
Goodwood 2022
Goodwood 2022

From our Vehicle Photography Specialist: “My highlight of the day was standing at the first corner, sadly in the rain, watching the initial batch of cars accelerating off of the start line.

“Of the initial batch of cars, the new BMW M3 Touring was a great sight to see. Watching the Red Bull BMW M4 drift team sliding up the hill in formation was fantastic.”

From our Content and Copy Specialist: “I have never been to Goodwood FOS before and being thrown straight into the deep end at the Sytner Group stand was amazing.

“I wouldn’t say I was a petrol head but I was absolutely blown away by the festival. I think my favourite part of today was watching the red arrows and the BMW M Moment as this really was a spectacle.

“The food as well was fantastic, the choice, the environment and the quality that you might not expect from a festival. We managed to order a bucket of 36 churros with chocolate sauce which was great for our whole team and finished the busy day off perfectly.”

Goodwood 2022


From our Vehicle Photography Manager: "Today was my turn to capture the track action, and I would say I had a very smoky day!

"I captured some shots of the morning batch of drift cars putting on a show at the turning circle before the hillclimb. This is one of the greatest newest traditions to Goodwood and always a great place to get up close to the action.

"The Mercedes F1 cars made a surprise stop on its hillclimb to do a series of burnouts and doughnuts in front of the house. It's fair to say that both of my fellow photographers and the grandstand crowds really enjoyed this, there was one of the biggest applauses of the day shortly after.

"For a photographer, capturing the old F1 cars at the flint wall was amazing. It's such an iconic place to capture images at Goodwood. The narrowness of the track between the wall and the trees really amplifies the sound to incredible levels - my ears are still ringing!"

Goodwood 2022

From our Senior Digital Marketing Executive: "My favourite thing was seeing our exclusive ALPINA, first glance car, on the track, shipped all the way from Germany and arrived today especially for Goodwood.

"I also really enjoyed visiting the famous hillclimb, the heart of FOS - a showpiece. Seeing an array of vehicles blasting up the track, from race cars to vintage road cars, rally cars and motorbikes taking centre stage. Being up close and at the forefront of the track really makes the walk up the hill worth it!"

Goodwood 2022
Goodwood 2022
Goodwood 2022


From our Central Recruitment Manager: "From a careers perspective, I got the chance to meet so many people who are just starting out in the working world who are passionate about cars and the industry. Getting the chance to talk to these individuals one on one about all things Sytner was a great opportunity."

From our BMW Sales Executive: "With the announcement of the M3 Touring, it was a real opportunity to raise awareness of the ALPINA B3 Touring. It really felt like I was representing one of the industry's best kept secrets and lesser known cars."


From our HR Project Manager: "I really loved the atmosphere, the event had a real buzz about it and it was great to see so many people out enjoying all things motor related."

Goodwood 2022

From our Motion Graphic Designer: "I think my favourite part of the whole week was getting the opportunity to ride shotgun up the famous Goodwood hillclimb in the Alpina D4 - it was something I could not turn down. The speed, the adrenaline and the excitement was on par to a rollercoaster. An unforgettable experience."

Goodwood 2022
Goodwood 2022
Goodwood 2022

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