The best directions to the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Are you heading to the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year? Thinking of taking the scenic route but not sure where to go? Well look no further than our handy guide, covering travel from the North, North-East, East and West. ​​

With so many places to travel from in the UK, we’ve taken utilising the excellent knowledge of our roaming photographers and passionate petrol heads, we’ve looked into the best roads around Goodwood so you don’t have to.


For the North-West run, we start off from Basingstoke at the M3, junction 6 and head down the winding A339. Open fields and sweeping bends bless this route, with tree tunnels to boot this is one pretty route.

We stick with the A339 through Winslade, Herriard and Southrope, eventually passing under the A31 to find Chawton, the home of Jane Austen! If you fancy staying a while and filling up yourself, you can find The Greyfriar gastropub across the road from Jane Austen’s actual house.

After you’ve had a rest, we join the A32 to continue through Lower Farringdon, and follow the route to eventually turn left for the South-Easterly drive to Goodwood House. The first half of this road is nice and open, letting you see for miles all around, then as you head towards the A3, you’ll find more twisty bends to enjoy on your descent to the festival.

Goodwood 2022


Unfortunately coming from the North-East doesn’t let you avoid the M25, however, as soon as you leave the M25 via junction 10, near Cobham, the fun begins.

Heading South into and through Effingham you’ll find yourself in the Surrey Hills, experiencing sweeping bends and technical roads for any driver to enjoy. You’ll follow Critten Lane further into the hills until you reach Ranmore Common Road that you’ll use to head to Dorking.

Through Dorking and you’ll find yourself on the A25 heading toward Wotton, where you’ll pass the lovely looking Wotton Hatch, where, depending on how long you’ve been driving, could be the perfect point to stop and refuel yourself before making the final drive to the festival.

Goodwood 2022

Driving South through the Surrey Hills and you’ll find yourself in quaint rural England, with small villages dotting your route, eventually ending up in the picturesque town of Ewhurst before the westerly dash to the South Downs.

Just before you get there though, you’ll pass through Dunsford, and in Dunsford, is the rather lovely ‘The Sun Inn’ a great country pub that can make a perfect stop for lunch or dinner depending on when you reach it.

Heading further into the Downs and you’ll find yourself in country road bliss once again, with winding roads perfect for an enjoyable drive leading you through to Petworth and onto the final Southerly stretch to Goodwood.

Around this area, you will start to see signs for the Festival of Speed, including signs for the individual car parks, so this is where we leave you in the capable hands of Goodwood, we hope you enjoyed your journey! 


Coming from the East we’ll start you off at Beachy Head for some scenic views, before heading North-West toward Beddingham to join the A27. Here you can settle in for a run down to Arundel Castle, which makes for a great photo opportunity if traffic allows!

Then we’ll make our way to ‘The Pig’ a perfect spot for a bit of food if you’ve come a long way and definitely one to try if you don’t find yourself down here often.

After you’ve filled up on great food, we’ll cruise southerly, back to the A27 for a quick stint. Then leaving the A27 to head north through Eartham to enter the Goodwood estate.

Here you’ll find those yellow signs we keep talking about to direct you to your parking!

Goodwood 2022


We’ll start this route off from Swindon, letting you take a South-Easterly blast through the North Wessex Downs through Marlborough and Whitchurch as you head for the M3. Providing great roads and perfect places for photo opportunities.

As you head down the M3, keep an eye out for signs for Winchester as you’ll want to take a look at this 400 plus year old pub nestled away in the country called ‘The Ship Inn’ built using parts of an old ship, it offers great food and a lovely garden so you can enjoy the sun while you rest up before the final journey to Goodwood.

Leaving Winchester you’ll head across country to see quaint towns and villages as you skirt under the South Downs.

Goodwood 2022

Heading through Funtington and East Ashling you’ll start to see signs for Goodwood Festival of Speed, so depending on your parking arrangements, follow those to your destination!

We hope you enjoyed your journey into Goodwood wherever it may have taken you, but if you did stop anywhere we recommended, make sure to tag us on social media, or, show off your own routes!

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