Introducing the New S3

The freshly unveiled Audi S3 is cloaked in a camouflage exterior, tested amidst the rugged terrain of Oman's mountains passes.

The winding mountain roads encircling Salalah, a coastal city in southern Oman, present a formidable challenge for any vehicle. They served as the ideal setting to thoroughly test the 2024 Audi S3. Despite the full unveiling scheduled for later this year, prototype versions of both the Saloon and Sportback were adorned in camouflage for this rigorous test drive along renowned routes known for their challenging twists and steep inclines.


The potency of the S3's 2.0 TFSI engine has been enhanced to 333PS and 420Nm, marking robust increases of 23PS and 20Nm, respectively. Yet, the pinnacle of performance merely scratches the surface. Thanks to a new pre-loaded turbocharger that nearly eliminates turbo lag, a revised throttle valve enhancing low-end responsiveness, and an updated 7-speed S tronic transmission capable of shifting gears up to twice as swiftly, the vehicle exhibits heightened agility across its entire rev range. Particularly notable is the newfound vigor when engaging the new Dynamic Plus driving mode, amplifying the sensation of acceleration both at full throttle and throughout the revs.

The Audi S3's already adept handling receives further refinement with chassis enhancements, including a new pivot bearing and stiffer wishbones. Additional upgrades such as larger front brake discs, next-gen electronic stabilisation control, and the introduction of Torque Splitter technology from the RS 3, all contribute to an even more engaging driving experience. Anticipation builds for the arrival of the revised S3 Saloon and Sportback versions in the UK showrooms in the second quarter of 2024.


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